Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chop Pot Classic II

This weekend (Wed 10/24 - Sun 10/28), the Peppermill held another Chop Pot Classic, which is a small tournament series that features mixed games.

As it turned out, I had this weekend off from work (Fri-Sun). I also took two vacation days on Wednesday & Thursday. So you probably assume I played in 7 - 9 of the tournaments with all that free time?

Nope. I only played in three of them, and the main reason for this was the structures of the tournaments.

There was a tournament everyday at 12n and 7pm. All but one of the events had a $130 buy-in ($97 + $33) with 6000 chips. The Saturday 12n had a $235 ($194 + $41) with 8000 chips, which I guess is what they consider a "Main Event".

However, there is a huge difference between some of these tournaments. The 12n tourneys have 30 minute levels, but the 7pm tourneys have only 20 minute levels. I refuse to pay the same juice for a faster tournament, therefore I did not play in any of the 7pm tourneys.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grinding At Grand Sierra

At work, we have rotating off days, so one week it will be Monday, and the following week it will be Tuesday, etc. I'm starting to use up a few vacation days, mostly at strategic times, like having Monday as my off day and I'll take Tuesday as a vacation day to give me a three day weekend. The following week has Tuesday as my off day, so I'll take Monday as a vacation day.

This past weekend was one of those three day weekends for me. Grand Sierra Resort is currently running their Fall Pot Of Gold tournament series, so this was a good time to grind away at the tournaments. Here's what happened:

Sunday 09/30

~ 12pm $240 NLHE ($15k Guarantee) - They had no problem with the guarantee, as they got an impressive field of 115 players. However, it wasn't impressive for me. I did hang around for awhile, but I never got a real chip stack.