Wednesday, January 1, 2014

$8/$16 Omaha-8 At Atlantis

$8/$16 Omaha-8 at Atlantis is a 4/8 chip structure with the yellow $2 chips they normally use for the rake. There is a half kill to $12/$24 (6/12) when someone scoops a $100 pot, which is on the small side. The Kill acts like a sleeper straddle, as it acts last preflop unless there is a raise in front of it. 

This is the 3rd week this game has run at Atlantis on Saturday afternoon. I played both times after work, and I'm up almost $300 so far. I had last weekend off, so I'm able to play from the start of the game. I thought I would try a Running Log for the session, as I haven't done a Running Log for a cash game in loooong time.

2:00 $200 - Full 10-handed table. I recognize most of the players, and it's a good mix of tight & loose. 

Other games in the room today include (2) $1/$2 NL, $3/$6 L, $10/$25 NL, and $100/$100 NL. No clue why they have the big NL games today, as it's normally hard to get a $3/$5 game going here. I recognize only one players at the $100/$100, but most of the $10/$25 are locals. I guess there are a couple of special guests in town this weekend. 

2:30 $230 - Normal action so far, as nobody's stuck yet. It was pretty quiet for me. The only significant pot was me limping the Button with Ts 9s 8d 7c. Flop was Jc 8h 7s. Checked to me, and I bet ($8). Three callers, and Turn [Jc 8h 7s] 7d. I bet ($16), and they all folded.