Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost Weekend? (Part 2)

Fri 18:30 ~ Grand Sierra $80 Bounty tourney - 18 players

Got off to an OK start with this one. Once again, I won some pots, and lost some pots. But then my cards went quiet, so I did a lot of folding. Plus, I was feeling rather blah, so that kept me from doing something stupid aggressive.

In Level 4 (500/1000/200), a couple of players limped. including me in the BB with QJo. Flop was AQQ, SB checked. I bet 2000. Another player called, but the SB check-raised to 7000. He's a regular around town, and is rather far on the tight side. I knew he has a Queen, so I shipped All-In. The other player folded, and the SB called with KQ. You gotta love it. I didn't catch up, and I'm out of the tourney in 16th place, which is odd that only one other player was eliminated in the first 75 minutes of the tourney.

I did bring $500 for the $1/$2 game. But as I already said, I didn't feel good. I'm not sure if it's from something I ate, or I just need a nap. Even though it was only 7:45pm, I decided to head home, and crash on the couch.


Sat 06:30 ~ Peppermill $1/$2

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lost Weekend? (Part 1)

This weekend is my first weekend off as a regular mail carrier. This means that I punched out at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon, and I won't punch in until Monday morning. What will I do with all that free time?

This will be sort of a Running Log of my weekend, and will be published in a couple of parts. I will be playing numerous daily donkament, along with a few cash sessions, both NLHE and O-8.

Thurs 18:30 ~ Peppermill $65 Bounty - 17 players
Got off a great start by hitting a couple of hands, and pulling off a nice bluff with 87o. I started with 9k chips, and had over 20k by the start of Level 5 (300/600/75). During that level, I picked up my first $10 Bounty with 33. A shortstack called my preflop raise, and shoved his few remaining chips on the Flop. I was gonna call his shove preflop, so I called now. He had QTc, and the Flop was Jc 9h 2c, which meant he was the favorite with his monster draw. The Turn was [Jc 9h 2c] 9d, giving him more outs. But the 3 on the River gave me my first bounty.

After that level was the Break, and there were 15 players left. I had 28900 chips, and was the clear chip leader of the tourney.

One guy at my table came back late from the ten minute break, but he had a good reason. He won $4k by hitting a Royal Flush on a video poker machine, and was filling out the paperwork.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along

I'm sure many of you have notice that my posts are coming fewer and farther apart. The reason for this is simple. I'm just not motivated to sit down and type, although I'm not sure why.

This is post #363, which means I've outlasted 98% of the poker blogs out there, and that is damn impressive. But part of the problem is that with so many posts, things just aren't as interesting and blog-worthy anymore.

Plus, my work schedule has not improved like I thought it would, and it doesn't look like it's gonna anytime soon. I am getting one day off per week, but I'm working past 6pm the other five days. We just don't have enough bodies, and it will get much worse when the summer vacation season starts in June. I'm expecting to lose my off day, which means that Poker will remain just a spare-time hobby for the foreseeable future.

Or it could be I'm just in a funk these days, and it will eventually pass.

Either way, this isn't a post about me closing down the blog. I've got too much quality material to do that. I'm just letting y'all know that new posts may be coming less and less. It all depends on when I get motivated to sit down and type something. Hell, it took me a few days to finally get this small post typed up.

It could be a couple of weeks with nothing, and then maybe two or three posts within a week. It all depends on whether something interesting happens at the table that I feel like writing about. I could also do some opinion pieces, although I have nothing in mind right now. I've also considered doing some strategy posts, but who knows if I'll get around to it.

Also, the WSOP is only two months away, so I'm sure I'll be doing more entries while down in Sin City.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hand Of The Day #95

Grand Sierra 6:30 $60 Tournament Level 4 (300/600/100) ~ 04.10.12

This was a one table tournament, and there are six players left. UTG+1 limps in for 600, even though he has just 1400 total. I'm on the Button with Ah Kc, and make a standard raise to 1500. The SB folds. The BB called, which he had been doing alot. The UTG+1 calls for his last 1400.

The Flop is As 5c 3d. BB checks. I also check, hoping he'll hit something on the Turn so I can get some value later in the hand.

The Turn is [As 5c 3d] 4s. BB checks again. I bet 2000, hoping he has something. But he doesn't, and quickly folds. The Dealer ships me the huge Side Pot of 200, and I show my hand. But for whatever reason, UTG+1 didn't show his hand, and the Dealer dealt the River card.

Friday, April 6, 2012

April News & Notes

- I mentioned earlier that I've started playing some NL Cash games again. Last month, I played six sessions of $1/$2, (4-2, +$242, 9.5 hrs). It's certainly nothing to get excited about, but it's not bad either.

Overall, it was an OK month. I did good with the Daily Donkaments (10 tourneys, 5 cashes, 3 wins/chops), but I airballed the four larger buy-in tournaments that I played on Sundays. I only played two sessions of Omaha-8, one $4/$8 and one $10/$20, and those were a wash. The $4/$8 session went well. However, the $10/$20 got off to a good start, but I lost a few annoying pots, and then the table broke when I was down a little. The best part of last month was that I didn't play in the Pit.

- By moving out to Reno, I had to start over at work as a sub. The Post Office is a union shop, so everything is based on seniority. Even though I have been employed since 2004, I had to start at the bottom of the seniority list at my new office.