JA Nugget Review

Last Update: 01/22/14


Games: They spread $3/$6 Limit, $3/$6 Limit, and $3/$6 Limit. There is a full Kill in the game. Even though it's a $3/$6 game, the Blinds are just $1/$2. So if someone raises preflop, it's $5 and not $6.

Occasionally, they'll get a $1/$2 NL game on Friday or Saturday nights, but it's rare.

Sat 01/18/14 09:30pm (2)      Wed 01/22/14 9:05pm (1)
2 $3/$6 Limit                         1 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 10/23/13 9:25pm (0)      Sat 10/26/13 9:20pm (2)
0 $3/$6 Limit                           2 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 08/01 9pm (1)                Sat 08/03 9:05pm (2)
1 $3/$6 Limit                           2 $3/$6 Limit

Sat 04/13 9pm (1)                  Wed 04/17 9:05pm (1)
1 $3/$6 Limit                           1 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 01/09 8:45pm (0)             Sat 01/12 9:15pm (1)
0 $3/$6 Limit                           1 $3/$6 Limit

Rake: $4 max with $1 Promo Drop after $20 in the pot.

Tables: The room has seven tables, but they only use two of them. The tables are built for nine players, but they squeeze ten. There are no cup holders in the table. The chairs are the worst in Reno, as they're short and don't adjust. They have extra cushions in the room, and I grab at least two cushions so I can sit at a normal height.

Location: The Poker Room is located near the northwest corner of the casino, right by the Celebrity Showroom. If possible, don't park in the parking garage because it's a very long walk to the poker room. There are two outside parking lots which are much closer.

Promotions: They have the usual High Hands Bonuses for Quads or Better ($50, $200, $500). They also have a Bad Beat Jackpot.

I'm sure they have other promotions, but I don't play in this room enough to keep track of them.

Comps: I think it's $1/hr, but I'm not sure. You have to show your card at the Desk, and they write your time down on a form to be enter into a computer later. According to their website, local players get $2/hr on Monday and Thursdays, but I haven't heard that from any of the employees.

Food & Beverage: I haven't seen anything in the Poker Room, but the cocktail waitress is around quite often. There is a menu that you can order food from Room Service.

House Rules: I'm not aware of any special House Rules that are not common for a Reno Poker Room.

Tournaments: Don't ask.

Opinion: While the Nugget is the premier casino in Sparks, the poker room is really sad. It's just a Local's room for $3/$6 players. The Staff does a fine job with the room, but I don't see it ever improving.