Atlantis Review

Last  Update: 01/22/14

Twitter: @PokerAtlantis

Website: On their website, they now have a Wait List Page. I think it needs some work (like how many tables are open), but it's a start.

Games: $1/$2 NL ($50-$300 max), $3/$5 NL,and $3/$6 Limit (Half Kill to $4/$8) are the main games. They occasionally try to get other games established, but they never stick around.

Sat 01/18/14 10pm (5)              Wed 01/22/14 9:25pm (2)
3 $1/$2 NL                                  2 $1/$2 NL
2 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 10/23/13 9:45pm (2)          Sat 10/26/13 9:55pm (3)
1 $1/$2 NL                                  2 $1/$2 NL
1 $3/$6 Limit                               1 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 07/31 9:20pm (2)               Sat 08/03 9:35pm (5)
1 $1/$2 NL                                  2 $1/$2 NL
1 Tournament                              1 $3/$5 NL
                                                   2 $3/$6 Limit

Sat 04/13 9:40pm (4)                Wed 04/17 9:30pm (4)
2 $1/$2 NL                                 1 $1/$2 NL
2 $3/$6 Limit                              1 $2/$3 NL ($5 to go)
                                                  1 $3/$6 Limit
                                                  1 Tournament

Wed 01/09 9:10pm (2)              Sat 01/12 9:45pm (3)
1 $1/$2 NL                                  2 $1/$2 NL
1 Tournament                              1 $3/$6 Limit

Rake: 10% $4 max and $1 Promotional Drop.

Tables: Tables are have ten seats. There's a betting line on the tables, although it's really not enforced.

Location: It's located next to the Sports Book and the rear entrance.

Promotions: In my never humble opinion, they have too many promotions. Everything from High Hands to BBJ to Monthly Freerolls to Rake Back to Spin The Wheel to other stuff. It's very hard to keep up with all of them, as they keep changing the promos. For a while, they were taking rake of $3+$2 instead of $4+$1 in order to fund the numerous promotions. All of this kinda screams of desperation.

Comps: $1/hr. They swipe you in at the table. They have a Touch Screen system that I've never seen used before.

Food & Beverage: They have coffee and bottled water in the room. They also have soup available, and it's a different kind each day. There is a Poker Menu that you can order from a Deli, and eat at the table.

House Rules: They have the NL Straddle for any amount from anywhere on the table but the blinds.

Tournaments: They have daily tournaments at 11am & 6:30pm. The buy-ins are  $45. The 11am tournaments get a decent crowd, up to 50 players. The evening tourneys only get a table or two, and sometimes don't even run.

Opinion: In my brutally honest opinion, the best thing that Atlantis could do is stop trying to be the Peppermill. Every time the Peppermill does something, these guys copy it. If they try to be the Peppermill, players won't magically start playing here. The Atlantis would be much better off being the Atlantis, and be more consistent with their promotions.

Reno doesn't have a #2 poker room behind the Peppermill. The best thing Atlantis could do is separate themselves from the other 2nd tier rooms. Once they've become the #2 room in Reno, then they could start focusing on the Peppermill.