Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Interesting Spots In Las Vegas

Since the world didn't end last week, I better get back to blogging.

I documented my entire Las Vegas trip through my Twitter account. But sometimes 140 characters just doesn't do a situation justice. So here's an extended version of some interesting spots.

- Stratosphere 7pm $65 12/07/12

74 runners for this one. We started with 9k chips. This tourney has a decent structure for a donkament, but any donkament with 74 players will become a shovefest long before the Final Table. I did a decent job of building a big stack before the Push-N-Pray started with a few tables left.

When we got down to the last two tables, I was at Table #3, so I was moved to a new table. I had 42500 in the 2k/4k level, which was a little over average.  The player on my right was a 50's gentleman whom we will call Larry, and is on the rather large size (over 350 lbs). He also had a near average stack somewhere around 35k.

Larry was mumbling to me and himself about the great poker that he's been playing. Evidently this happened right before I got to the table, but Larry was quite proud of how he skillfully folded AK from UTG. He said there was too many players to act after him, and it would have been reckless to raise with all those players to still act.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Venetian $150 NLHE

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - This is the 12n $150 daily at the Venetian. We get 12k chips with 30 min levels. The Bravo timer says 54 players. My table has six players with no dead stacks. I'm the youngest at this table by at least five years.

End of Level 1 (25/50) - Timer says 73 players. My table has seven players, and another already busted out. Good table so far, as I'm still the youngest. Table has been on the weak passive side.

The one who knocked out a player is on my Left+2. He seems to be on the looser side, but he could just be catching cards.

I have 12500 chips.

Level 2 (50/100) - Timer shows 90 players. My table has nine players. A Krasian Kid sat down, and was gone ten minutes later. Another Kid sat down on my direct Left, and has been very calm so far.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Las Vegas News & Notes

I arrived home Monday night after spending 6 days in Las Vegas. The official Trip Total was -$67 before expenses. That may seem like it wasn't too bad, but it was a very frustrating and disappointing trip. But more on that in a different post.

I documented my trip via Twitter this time. If you're interested in the details, check out my Twitter page. The whole trip was almost 100 tweets, so you'll need to scroll down a ways before you start reading.

I plan on doing 4 or 5 blog posts surrounding my trip. This one will be News & Notes concerning the poker scene around Las Vegas.

- Starting Monday, December 17, all Caesars' properties will be merging their promotions into one Mega Bad Beat Jackpot, similar to what they do in Atlantic City. It will start at $200,000. The qualifying hand is Quad Aces beaten. As the jackpot grows, the qualifying hand will slowly drop. The jackpot award 10% to the Winner, 20% to the Loser, and 70% to Share across all rooms playing that game. (Not 100% sure on all detail, so don't quote this as fact.)

And when I say all Caesars' properties, that also includes Harrah's Laughlin and Harvey's Lake Tahoe. Also, I assume all other promos (High Hands, Aces Cracked, Free Rolls, etc.) will be reduced or eliminated to fund the Mega Bad Beat. I wouldn't be surprised if Caesars eventually raises the Jackpot to $2 instead of the current $1.

So look for the Mega Bad Beat Jackpot to be near $500,000 during the WSOP.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December News & Notes

- The best phrase to describe my WSOP-C Tahoe trip is "Crash & Burn", as my bubbling the first event was the highlight of my trip.

I played in three Ring Events, an Omaha-8 tourney, and a nightly 7pm tourney. I airballed all five of them. The $1/$3NL game was just as fruitful. I only had one small winning session, and finished -$1167 in 16 hours.

But you need to remember that one trip does not make a career. Even though this year's Tahoe trip sucked, last year's was wonderful thanks to my 5th place finish. Between both years, I've played in eight tournaments, and I'm still up $805.

The WSOP-C raised the rake on all of their tournament for this season, like $345 to $365. Most of the players have been complaining about this. However, Tahoe had record fields for many of their events, so it looks like the higher juice tournaments are here to stay.

- I have one more trip for this year, and it starts on Wednesday. I'm driving down to Las Vegas, and coming back on Monday 12/10. I got a really cheap room at the Imperial Palace ($147 for 5 nights, which includes taxes & fees).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WSOP Circuit $365 NLHE

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - WSOP Circuit at Harvey's Lake Tahoe, $365 NLHE starting at 3pm on Sunday. The Seniors event started at 10am. They had 177 players, and have 86 left.
No clue how many tables, but this should be in the 125-175 range. We have ten seats, but only six bodies. Levels are 30 minutes long, and we get 10k chips.

End of Level 1 (25/50) - We now have nine bodies, and the timer shows 195 players. That is impressive considering the Seniors tourney still has 80 players. This weekend's 2-starting field tournament had 651 entries, and just re-started with 81 players.

This level was a whole lot of nothing for me. The only "real" hand that I looked at was 99 UTG. The average age of this table is much younger than I'm used to playing in Reno, as there are a lot of California players here. There are two Kids on my Left who seem to know what they are doing, so I'm keeping my VPIP is very low. Hopefully, this will set up an image for later.

I have 9325 chips.

Monday, November 5, 2012

November News & Notes

- As you loyal readers have noticed, I haven't been a loyal blogger lately. As I've mentioned before, things just aren't as blog-worthy after 400 entries, especially the day-to-day grind. Special events and road trips are still interesting, and I do have two more trips planned for this year.

Another reason for lack of blogging has been lack of playing. I started dating a young lady named Karen back in August, and that really cut down on my poker. However, that relationship has fizzled out, so I have more time for the tables.

Does that mean I'll be blogging more? Well, like most poker questions, the answer is "It depends." There will be times that I'll be motivated, and times that I won't. I may do three entries in a week, and then go three weeks without a word.

- Just like last year, I'm heading to Lake Tahoe for the WSOP Circuit that starts on Thursday. It's too far away to drive back and forth every night, so I got a hotel room from Sunday to Wednesday, and will be heading home on Thursday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chop Pot Classic II

This weekend (Wed 10/24 - Sun 10/28), the Peppermill held another Chop Pot Classic, which is a small tournament series that features mixed games.

As it turned out, I had this weekend off from work (Fri-Sun). I also took two vacation days on Wednesday & Thursday. So you probably assume I played in 7 - 9 of the tournaments with all that free time?

Nope. I only played in three of them, and the main reason for this was the structures of the tournaments.

There was a tournament everyday at 12n and 7pm. All but one of the events had a $130 buy-in ($97 + $33) with 6000 chips. The Saturday 12n had a $235 ($194 + $41) with 8000 chips, which I guess is what they consider a "Main Event".

However, there is a huge difference between some of these tournaments. The 12n tourneys have 30 minute levels, but the 7pm tourneys have only 20 minute levels. I refuse to pay the same juice for a faster tournament, therefore I did not play in any of the 7pm tourneys.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grinding At Grand Sierra

At work, we have rotating off days, so one week it will be Monday, and the following week it will be Tuesday, etc. I'm starting to use up a few vacation days, mostly at strategic times, like having Monday as my off day and I'll take Tuesday as a vacation day to give me a three day weekend. The following week has Tuesday as my off day, so I'll take Monday as a vacation day.

This past weekend was one of those three day weekends for me. Grand Sierra Resort is currently running their Fall Pot Of Gold tournament series, so this was a good time to grind away at the tournaments. Here's what happened:

Sunday 09/30

~ 12pm $240 NLHE ($15k Guarantee) - They had no problem with the guarantee, as they got an impressive field of 115 players. However, it wasn't impressive for me. I did hang around for awhile, but I never got a real chip stack.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rants & Raves: The All-In Muck

(Updated 10/02)

Last week, ESPN's WSOP coverage showed the most controversial hand of the Main Event. Here is the Poker News entry in their Live Reporting of the Main Event:

Gaelle Baumann opened for a min-raise to 60,000 from under the gun, and the action folded to Andras Koroknai, who moved all in for what looked like 2 million from the small blind. Gavin Smith folded from the big blind, and thinking that the action was completed, Koroknai mucked his hand.

When he realized his mistake, he pulled back one of his cards, but the other was irretrievable. A floorperson was called to the table, and the dealer explained what had happened. Tournament Director Dennis Jones was called over to make the ruling, and upon hearing the story, he stood silently for half a minute. 

Smith, who was standing next to him, began laughing at the difficulty of the decision. 

After a moment for thought, Jones informed the table that Koroknai would have to forfeit 60,000 chips to Baumann, but that he wouldn't be eliminated completely. 

"Really?" Smith blurted. 

Baumann was also confused with the ruling, so Jones pulled out his iPhone and called Vice President of the World Series of Poker Jack Effel. After a two-minute conversation, Jones hung up, and announced to the table that the original ruling would stand. 

"You're not losing your tournament life," Jones told Koroknai. 

In Jones' explanation to the table, he cited the "integrity of the tournament" as the major factor in the decision. 

According to Smith, Baumann showed two kings. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hand Of The Day #100

(Not only is this Hand Of The Day #100, it is also Blog Post #400)

Golden Nugget $240 HORSE ~ 06.11.12 ~ Level 13 (4k/8k) Razz

Bring-In is 1500. Next player completes (4k) with A showing. Lady calls with 2 showing. I have (53)A, and raise (8k). Original raiser 3-bets (12k) and has 5k behind. Lady thinks for a bit and calls. I just call, because I want to see the next card before I completely commit to this hand.

4th Street
Shorty: (XX) A A
Lady: (XX) 2 2
Me: (53) A K

Well, I'm ahead with K-Low, so I bet (4k). Both players call.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Atlantis's $340 NLHE

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - Yesterday was the $340 2-Day tourney ($30k guarantee), which was the kick-off event for Atlantis's WPT Western Poker Challenge. This event has two separate flight, 12p & 5p. Each flight last 10 levels, or just over 7 hours. This is also a re-entry event. You can re-enter into the same flight before the first break, and then re-enter the other flight.

This is the 12p flight. There are seven tables with nine seats. My table has seven players. I'm the second youngest, and one of the players is a Reno Regular.

We get 10k chips, and 40 minute levels.

End of Level 1 (25/50) - Better turnout than I would have guessed. Our table filled up quickly, with one more Reno Regular sitting down. They also opened up an 8th table.

Things went well for me. The 60's guy on my Right had been raising a lot, so I called him down with ATo on an A-high board. He had QJ-high. A few hands later, I called a 150 raise with 87h, and the Flop was 8c 7c 8s. It wasn't a huge pot, but it was nice for this early level. I also hit a small flush against Top Pair (AK) for a decent pot.

I have 15050 chips.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hand Of The Day #99

In case you haven't been paying attention, we are coming up on #100 of the Hand Of The Day series. For this milestone, I've been looking for something special over the last few months, whether it's a huge money pot, or something truly bizarre that happened.

Unfortunately, there haven't been many hands to choose from. I've decided to present a hand from Las Vegas that I think is worthy of #100, so I'll use this post for my other option.

Right now, we jump into the Way-Back machine, and present two separate hands from a .25/.50NL home game that I use to play back in Ohio. These two hands are from a few years ago, so the details are a little fuzzy.

The first hand is proof that Live Poker is rigged. It was the 2nd hand of the night, and we had eight or nine players at the table. We had an AA vs AA vs QQ vs QQ vs JJ trainwreck extraordinaire.

Monday, September 3, 2012

September News & Notes

- My WSOP recovery has come to a grinding halt. August was a pretty bad month for me. Not only was it my first losing month at $1/$2 this year, but I also went 0-11 in tournaments.

Actually, I'm currently on a 0-13 streak for tourneys. My sweet score at GSR was the last time I cashed, and I've been paying for it ever since. I'm busting out early and not even  making it through half the field for all but one of the 13 tournaments. My best finish was 7th at a Peppermill donkament, which was the Bubble+1.

As I've said before, I don't like to use the term "Running Bad" because I think that most players use it as an excuse. However, sometimes it is true, and I'm deep in the middle of it.

I also hate Bad Beat Stories, but this hand is a good example of how things are going. I just played in the Peppermill's $180 NLHE tournament as part of their Deep Stack Classic series. I was rather card dead for most of the time I was there, and I lost the few hands I played.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Highs And Lows Of Omaha

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - 4pm $130 Omaha-8 at the Peppermill for their "Deep Stack Classic". Tables are 10-handed, and it looks like there are 6-7 tables. It's hard to tell, as the 12p $130 NLHE is still going. I also played in that one, but only lasted 45 minutes.

We have eight players and two stacks. For once, I'm not the youngest player at the table. A Dealer from GSR is at the table, and he's a good player.

I have 6500 chips, and the levels are 20 min long.

End of Level 1 (50/100) - Now nine players. I'm trying to keep my VPIP low, as these small pots mean nothing. I would rather observe the other players, and set up a tight table image.

I did raise three hands preflop, but airballed all of them. I have 5825 chips.

Level 2 (100/200) - We have a full table now. We are also in a corner, and the lighting is terrible. The Floor said he can't move us to another open table, as those are saved for the 7pm tourney. However, we will be the first table to break. Of course, since this is a Limit tourney, that should be around two hours from now.

More airballs for most of the level. However, in the last of the level, I raised (200) from Button with 5d 4d 2c Ah. I fired on all three street, and got two callers on the River. I won the Low with A5, and won half the Hi with Two Pair (42).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grand Sierra's Shiny New Poker Room

Last year, Grand Sierra Resort was bought by a California investment group. This year, they started doing renovations throughout the property. This month, they finally got around to the poker room. They tore the old one down to the studs, and rebuilt it in the same spot. During the few weeks of construction, the poker room was relocated in an open space right next to the room.

This past weekend, the new room opened, and I went last night to check it out.

My first impression was Classy. From an aesthetic standpoint, the new room is a serious upgrade from the old room. As you can see, the walls have more color, the ceiling are wood paneled, and the lights above each table are fancier. The tables have new felt that sort of matches their blue $1 chips.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hand Of The Day #98

$1/$2 NLHE ~ Peppermill ~ 08.21.12

Couple of limpers in this typical afternoon game. The Hijack raises to $4. I'm the Button, and 3-bet to $15 with 6s 6h. I don't 3-bet as much as I should, and this seems like a good spot to isolate against the Hijack. Only one of the limpers and the Hijack call.

The three of us see the Flop Jc 8d 6d. The Hijack leads out for $15. I raise to $35, as there are too many draws out there to slowplay. Plus, if the Hijack bets after I re-raised him, he probably has something. The limper folds, but the Hijack calls.

Turn [Jc 8d 6d] Ks. Hijack checks, and I bet $50. He tanks, and starts talking out loud. He wonders if I'm trying to bully him off the pot. The newest episode of the WSOP was on ESPN, so I just watched the big screen while shuffling chips, trying to not give away anything. After what seemed like forever, (probably at least two minutes), he slammed a stack of ten Red $5 chips on the table as a call.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August News & Notes

- I finally tallied up the official total for my two weeks in Las Vegas, -$5493. Ouch!!

My sweet score at GSR made up for a big chuck of that hole, and I finished the months of June & July at -$523. Overall, not too shabby.

- I played the fewest tourney last month (14) that I have played this year. This is because I'm sick of the scourge of $45 donkaments in this town, and I'm not gonna support them with my money. I'm trying to play in buy-ins of $60 or higher, which drastically cuts down on the donkament options.

That means that I'm starting to play more cash games. Mostly $1/$2 with some $2/$3/$5 mixed in.  The $2/$3/$5 game has blinds of $2/$3, but it's $5 to call. It's Reno's version of $2/$5, and it's become a daily staple at the Peppermill.

- A few months ago, I mentioned that I made another sports bet involving the Cleveland Indians. I took the the Under on 78.5 wins for the season, which would be four games under .500

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It Was A Good 24 Hours

Grand Sierra is currently running it's quarterly tournament series, Summer Pot Of Gold. I went up there on Sunday to sign-up for whatever tournament was running at noon. It ended up being a $240 NLHE tourney with a $15k guarantee (that's 75 players) They had no problem with the guarantee, as they had 96 runners with re-entries.

It wasn't planning on doing any blogging for this one, either a Live Blog or a Running Log. I got off to a slow start, and I was down to 5100 at the first break. (10k starting stack). However, I doubled up twice in the first orbit back from break, and got to just over 20k. First one was me raising with ATo, and shoving on the T-high Flop. The other player didn't believe me, and called with Bottom Pair. The next double-up was with a Set of Tens vs Nut Flush Draw on the Flop.

After that, I never looked back. I had good table draws, good cards, and good timing when I made the occasional move. When we got to Dinner Break. there were 20 players left, and I had a Top 3 stack of 96k.

Since I wasn't doing any blogging, I decided to use my Twitter account to document the rest of my tournament. You can check it out for the details, as I'm not gonna repeat them here.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hand Of The Day #97

$1/$2 NLHE ~ Peppermill ~ 07.18.12

So far, a typical Wednesday afternoon table in Reno. UTG limps. I'm next, and limp with 32s. I've been mixing my limps with my $5 raises. Now, I'm just hoping to hit a Bonus Hand. (Yes, I'm playing Bingo with this hand.)

Five players see a Flop of Ks Qc 6s. BB bet $8. I call with my mini Flush Draw. Button raises to $15, but has to make $16. He's a 70's Asian gentleman. I could say that he's a Super-Nit, but that's probably redundant. BB calls, and so do I.

Turn [Ks Qc 6s] 4d. BB checks. I bet $10 with my Flush Draw and Gutshot. This is what they call a Post Oak Bluff, or a Donk Bet. Naturally, I don't think anyone will fold to a $10 bet. Actually, I'm expecting to get raised by the Button.

So why do it?

Because Super-Nits tend to min-raise a bet, rather than shove All-In. I expect him to raise in the $20 - $30 range. If I just checked to him, he could easily bet $50 or more, as I'm sure he's scared of the Flush Draw.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working In The Rock Garden

1:20 - I arrive at the Peppermill on Sunday afternoon as they are opening up their second table. Unfortunately, that table is full, and I'm first on the list after two phone-ins.

1:30 $300 - They call me and one other player, and we both get seated at the new table. How are there two open seats a table that's been running for ten minutes?

I'm the youngest player at this table by at least ten years. Two of the players are waiting to get on the $2/$3 ($5 to go) table. Since it's a new table, nobody has over $300. Most players are in the $150 - $200 range.

2:00 $353 - As expected, this is a Super-Nit table. I've already seen a guy call a small preflop raise, call a Flop & Turn bet on a Q-high board, and check the River with KK. After all, you can't be too careful.

So far it's been all small-pot poker for me, and that's how it will be with this line-up. The only way I will win a big pot is to cooler someone; like Two Pair vs Top Pair, Set vs Overpair, or Full House vs Nut Flush. I need to be careful not to get over aggressive, and be selective about picking my spots. Super-Nits love to slowplay, and don't play hands properly, like the KK I already mentioned.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July News & Notes

- If I had to use one word to sum up my WSOP '12 experience, it would be "disaster". In addition to airballing my two $1500 WSOP Events, I also went 0/8 in Single Table Satellites ranging from $125 - $325. Even though those were winner-take-all, there is usually a deal when it gets to heads-up. However, I never got to heads-up, as the best I did was 3rd place twice.

In other larger tournaments over $100, I went 1/8, with my min-cash at the Golden Nugget HORSE tourney being my only cash. For my last three days in Vegas, I played in three of the $235 Daily Deepstacks at the WSOP. In my first one, I couldn't get anything going, and basically ran out of chips before the second break. In the last two, I was out just before the first break when my Two Pair ran into a Straight. The first one was on the Flop, and the second one was on the Turn.

I played a few cash games, but they went just as well. Overall, I was -$353 in eight session of either NL, Omaha-8, or Mixed Games. On Sunday night, I went back to the Imperial Palace for the $3/$6 Mixed Game. Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as they did in my first visit, and I lost $95.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

WSOP #49 $1500 NL Ante Only - End of Level 10 (400 Ante)

First hand back from break, one player opened for 300, and another called. I saw AQ, and 3-bet to 2000. Everyone folded.

After a lot of folding, the 60's gentleman opened from SB to 600. It folded to me, and I 3-bet to 2100 with TT. A Kid in the Hyjack shipped it All-In, and had me covered. SB folded, and I went in to the tank. I would have 8100 left if I fold. Also, I saw that Kid talking to Melanie Wisner on break about stalling so he can get to the money. So far, he has been acting incredibly slow in spots that should be automatic. It's hard to see him squeezing here, so I folded. He didn't show.

At the table behind me, Phil Hellmuth and Men "The Master" are verbally sparing, and so far it's been friendly but loud.

Now, back to the folding, which there was a lot of. When we got to Level 8 (400 ante), I was under 6000 chips, or 15 Antes. It was time to start shipping before the level went up, there just wasn't an opportunity.

Eventually, I looked at 88 from the SB, and insta-shipped for 4200. It folded around to the 60's European gentleman, who went All-In for over 20k from the Hyjack. The others folded, and he proudly showed KTo. The Door Card was a Ten, and the Flop was QT3. The Turn and River were [QT3] 9 J, giving me the Straight, but giving him a K-high Straight.

I was out of the tourney about 10 - 15 players from a min-cash of $2409.


Overall, I'm very happy with my performance today. After I badly butchered KK in Level 1, I recovered and played very well. I adjusted to my tables, which were very Internet Pro heavy. I used selective aggression to pick up pots when the opportunity presented itself.

I had two problems today, my seat draw and a total lack of cards. I was in Seat 3 at my second table, where I spent most of the day. Seat 1 and Seat 5 were Internet Gurus who were playing 80 - 90% of the pots, often against each other. Their chip stacks had many wild swings, but neither cared about that. With them always wanting to see Flops, the proper adjustment for me was to drop into Super-Nit mode, and pick my battles. Unfortunately, those opportunities were few and far between, as you have already read.

But the problem with Super-Nit gear is that I need to get a few hands, and that just didn't happen. I was getting the occasional hand before the Dinner Break, and I was able to slowly build my stack without risking it. But after Dinner, I just didn't have anything, and that was when the structure kicked in.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WSOP #49 $1500 NL Ante Only - End of Level 8 (200 Ante)

There have been a few changes at the table. Ylon was out shortly before the Dinner Break. Alex K was out shortly afterwards. No "known" players took their seats. Most of the Internet Gurus are still here, and still splashing around. 

For Level 7 (100 Ante), I basically anted off. I played almost no hands, and might have won one small pot. 

In Level 8 (200 Ante), it folded around to a player in Mid position, who raised to 300. He took Alex K's seat, and he's a 60's gentleman from Eastern Europe who barely understands a little English. So far, he seems to be playing like a 60's gentleman (tight). It folded to me in the Cutoff, and I decided to use my table image by 3-betting to 1100 with 95o. Button folded, and Mid called. Flop Kd Tc 4d. He checked, I bet 2000, and he folded. 

After that, it was more card dead for me. In the 2nd to last hand before the break, it limped to me on the Button, so I happily called with T8o. Flop was J 8 7. It checked around to the I-G on my Left who bet 800. I was the only caller with Middle Pair and Gutshot. Turn was [J87] J. He checked, and so did I. River [J87 J] 7. He quickly checked, and it was obvious that he was done with the hand. I bet 1500, and he snap-folded. 

That really helped my stack, that was starting to get low. I'm back to 10900, which is OK, but not great. Next ante is 300, and i need to start getting some chips 

There are 171 players left. I'm guessing we'll be around the Bubble by next break.

WSOP #49 $1500 NL Ante Only - End of Level 6 (75 Ante)

Even though there are less recognizable pros at my table, most of the rest seem to be online pros. They've been swapping stories about other players, old glory about scores on 'Stars and 'Tilt, and living overseas to play on 'Stars.

The Min-Limp for 25 has become standard for about half the hands. I tried to sneak in with 88 in EP, but folded after a raise and 3-bet.

The first real pot I played was halfway the level. First player came in for 200. About five other player called, including me on the Button with 75o. Flop was Td 7d 4c. First player bet 650, which seemed incredibly small and weak to me. Only Ylon called when it got to me. I quickly raised to 2000, and they couldn't fold fast enough. I do love my Super-Nit table image.

My next Button, it was a limp-fest, including me with 53s. Flop Qc Qs 3c. The BB, one of the online gurus, bet 300, and I was the only caller. Turn [Qc Qs 3c] 6s. He bet 475, and I called with a Pair + Flush Draw. River was a brick, and we both checked. He had AKs, and I won the pot. Good thing the Spade didn't hit the River.

A few hands later, I finally looked down at a hand, AKo. I called a 200 preflop raise, along with a few other players. The Flop was K-high. I just kept calling the initial raiser's bets, and I was good.

The Min-Limps continued at the table, and I joined in only on the Button or maybe the Cutoff. I limped on the Button with 99 for deception, but missed my set. Later, I limped with Q3o on the Button. Flop was Kh Kc Qc. It checked to me, and I fired 300. I expected to get a few callers on that wet Flop, but everyone folded.

I have 11900, or 119 Antes for next level. Not sure exactly what that means, but it feels comfortable.

The official total for today is 939 players, but only 288 left (probably less than that). With 117 getting paid, we should have no problem getting under 100 tonight.

Will I be one of them? Stay tuned to find out.

WSOP #49 $1500 NL Ante Only - End of Level 4 (50 Ante)

Good news is that the next seat filled at the table was a gentleman over 40. Bad news was that it was Will Fialla from a broken table, and sat on my direct Right. Then came Jon Racner, who sat between me and Chung. The last seat was filled by another Kid who many players at this table knew.

Thanks to this wonderful table draw, I stayed in Super-Nit mode. Also, I wasn't getting any starting hands. I did lose a pot with AQ, and blinded down to around 3000. I finally opened a pot from EP with JTs for 225. Five players called, and the Flop was T87. I bet 750, and one player min-raised to 1500. I shoved for 2800, and he called with 87o. Turn was a brick, but the River was a Ten for the double up.

Three hands later, a few players limped for 25. I have JJ, and raised to 300 from Hyjack. Cutoff shoved for about 2k. Button (Racner) folded, then Chung asked how much I had behind before shoving All-In. We had about the same stack. I'm assuming he did his "limp in the dark" move again. It's hard to believe that he has JJ beat, especially since it's Chung, so I called. Chung had AQ, and the Shortstack had AT. Two Tens hit the Flop, but Chung missed. We counted the stacks, and I had him covered by 200 chips. This got me over 9000 chips.

Not long after that hand, early in Level 4, they broke our table. My new seat was Table 2 Seat 3. At first glance, this was a much better table for me. It's a bit older, and I only recognize one player, Ylon Schwartz, who won my HORSE bracelet two weeks ago. About 30 minutes later, Alex K sat down in the empty seat. He's the Russian who was at Jerry Yang's Final Table in '07.

The play at this table was similar to the old table. About half the players "limped in the dark" for one Green chip. I think it's an incredibly stupid move to blindly get into pots out of position, but an action junkie needs action.

I've stayed in Super-Nit mode, and played almost no hands. I have no interest in playing their reindeer games, and I'm gonna stick to my plan.

I have 7625 chips. The tourney timer shows 913 entrants.

WSOP #49 $1500 NL Ante Only - End of Level 2 (25 Ante)

So far, play has been what I expected, with the opening raise being in the 75-150 range. Naturally, there's been a decent amount of 3-betting, and the occasional 4-bet. Although, as play went on, I think some of the Kids got bored, and started limping. Chung even limped "In The Dark" a couple of time from the SB spot.

As for me, I tried to keep my VPIP low, especially out of position. The first big hand I played was with Ks Kc, and I royally fucked it up. I was the first caller of a raise from one of the Kids. I was hoping someone would 3-bet, but they didn't. The board ran out 6c 5c 4s 7s Jh. I just called all three Streets, including 1800 on the River. He had 98c for the 6-Card Straight.

This left me with 1150. I anted down to 1025, and 4-Bet All-In with TT. The 3-Bet guy had 77, and I doubled up.

Next big had was me raising to 150 from the Cutoff with 65o after two players limped. Only a 50's gentleman called from Early Position. Flop was 7c 5d 4d. He lead out for 125, and I raised to 525. He called, and the Turn was [7c 5d 4d] 6s. He checked, and I shoved for around 1400. Fortunately, he didn't snap-call. He went into the tank for almost two minutes. I wanted him to call, until he did call with 97d for the monster draw. The River was 6d, giving him the Flush, but giving me the Full House.

This got me close to my starting stack of 4500. No more big lots for me as I nitted it up a bit. The table went from 6 handed for most of Level 1, to 8 handed. It's almost all Kids, with just me and the 97d gentleman are the only players over 40.

On surrounding tables, I can hear Daniel N is holding court at his table. On the table behind me, a foreign player was ejected for having an open wound on his arm. I'm. It sure of the details, but the player was very upset.

I have 4550 chips, for a sweet profit of 50. We currently have seven players at the table, as one just busted. The tourney timer shows 809 players, and climbing.

WSOP #49 $1500 NL Ante Only - "Shuffle Up & Deal"

First, a quick recap of yesterday. I played in three Daily Donkaments, and three Single Table Satellites at the Rio. I played two $125 and a $175 STS, and airballed all of them. However, things went much better in the donkaments.

In the 10am Harrah's $60 that had 47 runners, there was a 4-way deal where I got $600 as one of the two chip leaders. In the 7pm Orleans $75 that had 83 entries, there was a 4-way chop for $820 each. This marks the first time that I have ever cashed in two donkaments in the same day, and it seems hard to believe that it took this long.

Today, I'm at Table 55 Seat 4 in the Brasillia Room. So far, the Dealer seems to speak almost no English, and was thoroughly confused when the Floor was giving instructions.

Right now, there are six players at my table right now, a mix of young and old. However, one of the Kids is Joesph Chung (3rd place in the '10 Main Event). He's in Seat 7, which is two to my left. Joy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coin Flipping Contest

Yesterday was the $340 Heads-Up tourney at Caesars' Palace at 4pm.

Match #1 - I walked up to my table, and my opponent was already sitting there. It was a 50's gentleman from France. He barely spoke English, and was trying to ask the Dealer about this tournament. Evidently, he didn't know this was a Heads-Up tourney, or just didn't understand the concept. This seemed like a good draw for me.

Another point of confusion was the structure. Heads-Up can be a little confusing at first, with the Button acting first preflop, but last afterwards. But the first level was 100/100, and that made it even more confusing since we both have the same blind. The French gentleman was very confused, and even the Dealer called the Floor over to verify what I was saying. I kept saying that things would make more sense when we get to Level 2 (100/200), and having two different blinds did help.

Anyways, I was the Button for the first hand, and checked with T5s. He also checked, and the Flop was A-high. We both checked, and the Turn was a 2nd Spade. He bet 300, and I called with a Flush Draw. River was not a Spade. He bet 1600 (that's not a typo). I chuckled a bit, and mucked. He showed AA, for a Set.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hand Of The Day #96

$8/$16 Omaha-8 ~ Venetian ~ 06.17.12

One player limps in. Hyjack raises ($16). He is Data from the CPMG, my former home poker group from Cleveland, and a bunch of them are in Las Vegas for this weekend. I'm next to act in the Cutoff, and I 3-Bet ($24) with As 7c 7h 4h. I know that doesn't seem like a hand to 3-Bet, and that is correct. So why did I do it?

Many people say they don't like going to casinos with their friends, because they don't want to take their money when they could just do it in their home game. I don't have this issue, as I have no problem separating business from friendship. I actually was looking to get a couple of hands for the blog on this trip. Plus, I want to get my hands on some Cleveland money, as it smells just a little sweeter to me.

Back to the action... It folds to the BB, who calls the two bets. This isn't surprising, as he has been a world-class calling station so far. The Limper also calls. Flop is 8c 6d 5s. The BB bets ($8). Limper folds. Hyjack calls. I raise ($8) with the 2nd Nut Straight and an A4 Low. I doubt my Low is any good, but my Straight should be good, as it's doubtful that someone has 97 in their hand. The BB calls, but Data in the Hyjack 3-Bets ($24).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

After my flame out in the $1500 HORSE, I grinded Daily Donkament for a couple of days. Here are the results.

Wed 06.13 -
8:30p Luxor $65 6/14

Thur 06.14 -
9a Rio $70 7/11
11a MGM $80 11/61
3p Harrah's $60 30/89
6p Flamingo $70 16/30
8p Mandalay Bay $80 (Ante Only) 2/10 $215

Fri 06.15 -
9a Caesars $70 25/35
11a Stratosphere $65 8/33
4p Planet Hollywood $65 4/41 $185
8p Hard Rock $60 14/23

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Satellite Man '12

I arrived at Rio at 2pm on Tuesday 6/12. The plan was to grind single table satellites, as I will be playing in the $1500 HORSE event on the following day.

Last Longer are very common at the Rio. Players voluntary put up $20, $40, $100, or more, and do sort of a side tournament. This is to add some money to the prizepool, but doesn't add any juice to the WSOP to take. Sometimes, the Last Longers are between two players, or they could be for the all ten players. I was a little leery of handing someone else a $100 bill. But this is such a common practice at the WSOP, I would be stunned if someone ran off with the money.

#1 $125 - 1k chips. 15 min levels starting at 25/25. A couple of the players were buddies, and they were rather social. It was a fun table. However, the cards were quiet for me. In the 50/100 level, I raised UTG to 225 with AA, and all folded. Towards end of level, I raised from Mid with JTo. Button called, and BB shoved for 500. I reluctantly called, leaving 450 behind. Button called, and Flop was 8-high. I checked,  and Button shipped. I folded, and he showed A3c, no pair. BB had AJ. Boards ran out Q 9, which would have given me the Straight. Naturally, the Blinds went up to 100/200 right after this hand. I folded my BB to a raise, and shoved my SB for 250 with A7. The BB had 74c, and I doubled up.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Golden Nugget $240 HORSE

I didn't plan on doing a Running Log for this tournament on Monday. However, I ended up typing up some notes on each break about what happened.

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - We start with 12k chips, and levels are 40 minutes long with Level 1 being 50/100. Therefore,  we start with 120 Big Bets, which means the first few hours of this tourney are meaningless. There is no danger of going broke, or getting a big stack. I'm gonna play ABC tight, in order to set up a table image for when the levels and pots are more meaningful. It would be like sitting at a $3/$6 table with $720. You can't win or lose enough compared to what we started with.

Rather large crowd, according to the locals, with 15 - 18 tables set-up. That is a lot more than the $135 NLHE tourney that just started on the other side of the room. I assume it's due to the $1500 HORSE on Wednesday.

Some pros that I spotted in the field include Tom McEvoy, Ylon Schwartz, and Chip & Karina Jett.

Break #1 - 13275 chips heading into 200/400. First hand I won was in Razz, and I hit the Steel Wheel. In Stud-8, I hit Quad Aces, and scooped when the Low missed.

Joke told at the table. "What's the difference between a poker pro and a large pepperoni pizza?"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WSOP #27 $1500 HORSE - End Of Level 4 (150/300)

The empty seat didn't show up. After about an hour, one of the Floors walked by and grabbed the stack, saying that nobody bought that stack. About thirty minutes later, the player showed up with a receipt in his hand for that seat. Evidently, that Floor didn't bother to check with the cage to see if the seat was actually sold, and just made a decision on his own. No wonder the WSOP is getting so much criticism this year.

My cards never improved. I was doing so much folding, that I wasn't paying attention to what game we were playing. In one of the few Stud hands that I played, I got to showdown with just a Pair of Fours, only because my opponent checked 6th and 7th. I was surprised with she showed a Flush, and mentioned that she didn't bet because she assumed that I had a Low. I took a quick glance at the placard, and it said "Stud-8". I had no clue that was the game, and I might have mucked a Low. I know I had 44 and a Face Card, but I'm not sure about the rest. It's probably 50/50 that I had a Low, which would be a total bonehead mistake by me.

In Hold'em, I got my last 550 in the pot with a Set of 8 against a Gutshot, and survived.

In the 150/300 Level, towards the end of Razz, I finally got a playable hand, and completed with (23)A. Another player with a 3 called. We eventually got All-In by 5th Street.

Me (23) A K 4 J
Him (56) 3 Q 3 T

I drew a 4 on 7th, and my Wheel Draw became a J432A. He drew a 7, and had a T7653. I was one of the first 25 players knocked out of this event, which had over 800 players.

This was one of those tourney where I just never had a chance. I'm sure I will run like God in my next $60 Donkament. That's how it usually goes for me.

WSOP #27 $1500 HORSE - End Of Level 2 (75/150)

My table has seven players with one dead stack who hasn't shown up yet. Probably a pro who's playing a Day 2 or Day 3 later.

I have no clue on the attendance, as they have no numbers on the timer.

The first dealer we had was extremely new to dealing. When we switched from Omaha-8 to Razz, she was thoroughly confused by the Button Ante of 75. She asked the two players after the Button to post the Blinds, and started dealing from the Button, rather than from Seat #1.

The good news is that my table has been rather social. One of the Poker News reporters (Rich Ryan) is playing on his off day, and we've had some good discussions about current events, both poker and non-poker.

The bad news is the cards. They have been dreadful so far. I haven't played many hands, and whiffed on most of the ones I've played. We just completed the Razz round, and I was dealt a Pair in five out of the eight hands, including JJ twice.

I have 1875 chips, which is less than half of the starting stack. Coming into today, I thought I would have no problem making Dinner Break, and a decent chance of making Day 2. Now, I'm not sure I'll make the next break. Things could turn around quickly, so we will just try to be patient.

WSOP #27 $1500 HORSE - "Shuffle Up & Deal"

I'm in the Brasilia Room, Table 47 Seat 4. When I got to the table, there was a Kid in Seat 1 and a 40's gentleman in Seat 2. The 40's guy was asking the Dealer about betting, and how much he could raise. He said he hasn't played a Limit game in a long time. He then asked about Razz, things like if Straights and Flushes are bad. I think I have a good table draw, as there is nobody I recognize at my table. However there are three open seats.

We start with 4500 chips. The levels are 60 minutes long, and we start at 50/100.

Although there are no pros at my table, this event is stacked with them. This is the only event today, as there is no tourney at 5pm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

$3/$6 Mixed At The Imperial Palace

I got to play in the legendary $3/$6 Mixed game on Sunday night, which is the longest running low limit mixed game in Las Vegas. They ended up with three tables, with a bunch of local dealers showing up for the 3rd table. There is a set list of games, although some tables altered their list. Here is the list of games that we played at our table, followed by some thoughts on the more bizzaro games, and I'll finish with a summary of my session.

The Flop and Draw games have blinds of $1/$3. The Stud games have a $1 ante, and a $1 bring-in. We played eight hands of each game. In the Draw games, only six players were dealt in, as UTG & UTG+1 were dealt out when the table was full of eight players.

1: Omaha-8
2: Razz
3: 2-7 Triple Draw
4: Double Flop Omaha
5: Stud-8
6: Badugi
7: 4-Card Crazy Pineapple with Ocean
8: A-5 Triple Draw H/L (8 or better)
9: 3-2-1 Omaha
10: Baduci
11: Razz-dugi

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Live Blog: Ivey & Hellmuth Go For Gold

First of all, I'm not a fanboy when it comes to Poker Pros. I don't spot them in the hall, and go Owww and Ahhh. But when Ivey & Hellmuth are deep at Final Tables for bracelets at two different events at the same time, it's pretty fucking huge.

When I finished up at the Imperial Palace $3/$6 Mix game (more on that game later), I headed to the Rio to see history happen. Not just to see each of them win their bracelet, but see the circus that this is causing.

I walked into the Pavilion Room at 11:45pm. On the stage where they do the afternoon Bracelet Ceremony is the Final Table of the $2500 Razz tourney. Phil Hellmuth is in the 5-seat across the Dealer, and his only opponent is in the 10-seat. Hellmuth has a big chip lead, and has dominated this Final Table all day.

The crowd around the stage is around 100 watchers, and is slowly growing. Pros I see watching include Eli Elezra, Layne Flack, Gavin Smith, and Todd Brunson. Hellmuth just got up from the table to say hi to some of them. There are some seats on the stage, but I cant see who is in them.

Midnight - I head over to the Amazon Room to watch the $10k Pot Limit Hold'em Final Table, which is being held on the Main Final Table they use for TV. It's 3-handed, with Ivey in the 3-seat, Andy Frankenberger in the 8-seat, and Ali Eslami in the 1-seat. I'm not sure of chip totals, but Ivey was in the lead when I last checked Poker News.

Friday, June 8, 2012

LOL Donkament #10

Peppermill 6:30 $65 Bounty - 06.07.12

We had 29 runners for this one. I started with 9000 chips, and the levels were 15 minutes long with a fast structure. There is a $10 Bounty, which seems like a waste of time. You need to knock out seven players to get your buy-in back. If someone does that, then they will probably win the tourney.

I got off to a good start, and collected three bounties by the first break. Normally, my goal is to get to 15k by the break, which is before the 500/1000/100 level. This time, I got to almost 28k, and was one of the big stacks at my table.

However, things didn't go as well after the break. There was a young player at the table who we will call Alex. I've never seen him before, but he seemed to play straight forward. He limped in for 1000. I raised to 3100 from the Button with 77. Alex and the BB called. Flop was K94. They checked, I bet 6100, and only Alex called. Turn [K94] 9. We both checked. Alex bet 8000 on the River, and I folded.

I went rather card dead after that hand, but Alex kept scooping up pots without showing his cards. It was really annoying how he kept sucking up all the pots at my table. I don't know if he was getting hit with the deck, or just had wonderful timing when he stabbed at a pot.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Early Sunday morning, I will be loading up the car, and heading south to Las Vegas for the 2012 WSOP.

Last year, I went down for ten days, and it was too long. So this year, I'm only driving down for a week, then driving home for a week, and then driving down again for a week. This means I will be spending four consecutive Sundays driving across Nevada. If that sounds a little messed up, then you may be right. This may end up being a really bad idea.

Another difference from last year is that I won't be staying at a casino. I know it's sacrilegious to go to Sin City, and not stay at a casino, but I'm treating this like a business trip. I'm staying at hotels that have a kitchenette in the rooms. The rooms are not cheaper than those at a casino, but I can make some of my meals in the room, which will be much cheaper than casino food. I'll be staying at a different one each week, so I can compare them. Once again, this may end up being a bad idea, but we will see.

My itinerary will basically be the same as last year. I will be playing in two $1500 WSOP events (one each week), along with a few $200 tourneys, various daily donkaments, and the occasional cash game.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rants & Raves: Poker Promotions

A few weeks ago, I went up to Grand Sierra on a Wednesday night for their 6:30 tournament. Only two of us showed up, so I sat down to play some $1/$2. The game only had a couple of players, so the Floor named Jason was playing in the game as a Prop. The hand before I started, the Floor hit a Royal Flush and collected a High Hand Bonus of around $230.

Last week, the Peppermill had a promotion going for the 1-year anniversary of their new poker room. They did a drawing every two hours for $500 or $1000, and you earn tickets with hours played in Live Games. I rarely play Live Games, so I didn't even know about the promotion. I busted out of the tournament early, so I sat down in the $4/$8 Limit game that just opened. Naturally, my name didn't get called, but a Peppermill Dealer named Iva got called twice in a row, and won $1500.

In both of these stories, an employee of the poker room won a promotion bonus. And I have a problem with this.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Horsing Around On My Off Day

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - $240 HORSE at Grand Sierra on Tuesday. We have 8k chips, and levels are 30 minutes. We play eight hands of each game.

It looks like just three tables set up for this one. Tables are eight handed, and my table has seven bodies. Naturally, I'm the youngest (41), and I recognize one of the players who's a regular tourney grinder around town.

Level 1 (75/150) - My table is now full, but a couple of empty seats at other tables. This table has been playing normal so far. My basic strategy is to play tight early, as these hand don't mean anything since we started with more than 50 Big Bets. That hasn't been a problem as my cards have sucked, and I've lost the few pots I played. I have 7175 chips, and we ended on Razz #4.

Level 2 (100/200) - Cards got a little better, as I won the last two Stud-8 hands. First one was with a Flush, and he folded to my River bet. Second hand was a scoop with a Pair of Aces and 75-Low against a Pair of Threes and a 76-Low. I have 7675 chips, and we ended on Stud-8 #5.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

1 vs 100

(WARNING: This post contains only analysis of tournament stats. If this isn't something you want to read, then move on to your next blog.)

This week, I played my 100th tournament of the year. A hundred is a nice round number to do some analysis of the stats, so that what I'm gonna do. I'm also including the last 100 tourneys that I played last year, which goes back to April 24th. Each set of 100 will be separate.
(This Year ~~ Last Year)

Under $100
Count: 85 ~~ 63
Wins/Chops: 16 (18.8%) ~~ 12 (19%)
Cashes: 24 (28.2%) ~~ 20 (31.7%)
Bubbles (estimated): 2 ~~ 6
Profit: $2278 ~~ $2977
Profit per Tourney: $26.80 ~~ $47.25
ROI: 43.2% ~~ 69.5%

Friday, May 4, 2012

May News & Notes

- This will be a quick one, as I really don't have much to say. Last month, I was up $450 overall, which is rather mediocre. The whole month was just like last weekend. I was up in $1/$2 NL and donkaments, but down in Omaha-8.

- This month, there will be two tournament series in town. Grand Sierra has a new series, the Spring Pot Of Gold, from Thur May 10 - Sun May 20. Peppermill has their Chop Pot Classic from Wed May 16 - Sun May 20. I find it interesting that the Peppermill had originally scheduled this from May 1-6, but decided to drop it right on top of Grand Sierra's new event.

Naturally, I'll be working through most of it. Here are the events that I might play:

Sun 5/13 12:00 @GSR - $240 NLHE (15k Guaranteed)
Tue 5/15 17:00 @GSR - $240 HORSE
Sat 5/19 19:00 @PM - $130 HORSE
Sun 5/20 12:00 @PM - $110 CP-8
Sun 5/20 16:00 @PM - $130 O-8

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lost Weekend? (Part 3)

Sun 11:00 ~ Atlantis $80 Bounty - 21 players

In Level 4 (200/400/50), there were a few limpers, so I raised to 1500 with Qh Qc in Mid. Button called, and so did the first limper. Flop 6h 5h 2h. First guy, a Kid who has already re-entered, went All-In for 6k-ish. I snap-called, and Button folded. Kid had 8h 8s, and I collected Bounty #1 ($20).

At the Break, I had 24400, which is certainly above average. Most of the knockouts have been at our table, so we have bigger chip stacks than the other table. There were 15 players left.

In the 500/1000/100 level, I got someone All-In with my AK vs AQ, and lost for 9600. Very next hand, there was one limper, and I raised to 3k with AK. Limper called, and he shoved on a K-high Flop. I called, and he also had AK for the chop.

Final Table was in the 800/1600/200 level. I had 12400, which was towards the bottom of the list.

After a couple of hands, I shoved for 12100 with 88. A shorter stack for about 6500 was the only caller. He had 33, and missed. I collected Bounty #2, and got my stack up to 20k.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost Weekend? (Part 2)

Fri 18:30 ~ Grand Sierra $80 Bounty tourney - 18 players

Got off to an OK start with this one. Once again, I won some pots, and lost some pots. But then my cards went quiet, so I did a lot of folding. Plus, I was feeling rather blah, so that kept me from doing something stupid aggressive.

In Level 4 (500/1000/200), a couple of players limped. including me in the BB with QJo. Flop was AQQ, SB checked. I bet 2000. Another player called, but the SB check-raised to 7000. He's a regular around town, and is rather far on the tight side. I knew he has a Queen, so I shipped All-In. The other player folded, and the SB called with KQ. You gotta love it. I didn't catch up, and I'm out of the tourney in 16th place, which is odd that only one other player was eliminated in the first 75 minutes of the tourney.

I did bring $500 for the $1/$2 game. But as I already said, I didn't feel good. I'm not sure if it's from something I ate, or I just need a nap. Even though it was only 7:45pm, I decided to head home, and crash on the couch.


Sat 06:30 ~ Peppermill $1/$2

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lost Weekend? (Part 1)

This weekend is my first weekend off as a regular mail carrier. This means that I punched out at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon, and I won't punch in until Monday morning. What will I do with all that free time?

This will be sort of a Running Log of my weekend, and will be published in a couple of parts. I will be playing numerous daily donkament, along with a few cash sessions, both NLHE and O-8.

Thurs 18:30 ~ Peppermill $65 Bounty - 17 players
Got off a great start by hitting a couple of hands, and pulling off a nice bluff with 87o. I started with 9k chips, and had over 20k by the start of Level 5 (300/600/75). During that level, I picked up my first $10 Bounty with 33. A shortstack called my preflop raise, and shoved his few remaining chips on the Flop. I was gonna call his shove preflop, so I called now. He had QTc, and the Flop was Jc 9h 2c, which meant he was the favorite with his monster draw. The Turn was [Jc 9h 2c] 9d, giving him more outs. But the 3 on the River gave me my first bounty.

After that level was the Break, and there were 15 players left. I had 28900 chips, and was the clear chip leader of the tourney.

One guy at my table came back late from the ten minute break, but he had a good reason. He won $4k by hitting a Royal Flush on a video poker machine, and was filling out the paperwork.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along

I'm sure many of you have notice that my posts are coming fewer and farther apart. The reason for this is simple. I'm just not motivated to sit down and type, although I'm not sure why.

This is post #363, which means I've outlasted 98% of the poker blogs out there, and that is damn impressive. But part of the problem is that with so many posts, things just aren't as interesting and blog-worthy anymore.

Plus, my work schedule has not improved like I thought it would, and it doesn't look like it's gonna anytime soon. I am getting one day off per week, but I'm working past 6pm the other five days. We just don't have enough bodies, and it will get much worse when the summer vacation season starts in June. I'm expecting to lose my off day, which means that Poker will remain just a spare-time hobby for the foreseeable future.

Or it could be I'm just in a funk these days, and it will eventually pass.

Either way, this isn't a post about me closing down the blog. I've got too much quality material to do that. I'm just letting y'all know that new posts may be coming less and less. It all depends on when I get motivated to sit down and type something. Hell, it took me a few days to finally get this small post typed up.

It could be a couple of weeks with nothing, and then maybe two or three posts within a week. It all depends on whether something interesting happens at the table that I feel like writing about. I could also do some opinion pieces, although I have nothing in mind right now. I've also considered doing some strategy posts, but who knows if I'll get around to it.

Also, the WSOP is only two months away, so I'm sure I'll be doing more entries while down in Sin City.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hand Of The Day #95

Grand Sierra 6:30 $60 Tournament Level 4 (300/600/100) ~ 04.10.12

This was a one table tournament, and there are six players left. UTG+1 limps in for 600, even though he has just 1400 total. I'm on the Button with Ah Kc, and make a standard raise to 1500. The SB folds. The BB called, which he had been doing alot. The UTG+1 calls for his last 1400.

The Flop is As 5c 3d. BB checks. I also check, hoping he'll hit something on the Turn so I can get some value later in the hand.

The Turn is [As 5c 3d] 4s. BB checks again. I bet 2000, hoping he has something. But he doesn't, and quickly folds. The Dealer ships me the huge Side Pot of 200, and I show my hand. But for whatever reason, UTG+1 didn't show his hand, and the Dealer dealt the River card.

Friday, April 6, 2012

April News & Notes

- I mentioned earlier that I've started playing some NL Cash games again. Last month, I played six sessions of $1/$2, (4-2, +$242, 9.5 hrs). It's certainly nothing to get excited about, but it's not bad either.

Overall, it was an OK month. I did good with the Daily Donkaments (10 tourneys, 5 cashes, 3 wins/chops), but I airballed the four larger buy-in tournaments that I played on Sundays. I only played two sessions of Omaha-8, one $4/$8 and one $10/$20, and those were a wash. The $4/$8 session went well. However, the $10/$20 got off to a good start, but I lost a few annoying pots, and then the table broke when I was down a little. The best part of last month was that I didn't play in the Pit.

- By moving out to Reno, I had to start over at work as a sub. The Post Office is a union shop, so everything is based on seniority. Even though I have been employed since 2004, I had to start at the bottom of the seniority list at my new office.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hand Of The Day #94

Peppermill 6:30 $55 Level 3 (100/200/25) ~ 03.25.12

Limp pot, including me with Q9o in the BB. Four players see a Flop of Ad Qs 4d. SB bet 400. He's a 40's guy I've never seen before, and has played very few hands so far. I call with 2nd Pair. The Cutoff also calls. He a 60's guy who looks like he was in ZZ Top, or he just climbed down from the mountain.

Turn [Ad Qs 4d] 9d. SB bet 400 again. Even though the Flush got there, I still called with Two Pair. The Cutoff also calls.

River [Ad Qs 4d 9d] 6d. SB bet 400 again. I don't call this time, as I raise to 1500. This is what they call a Bluff. I have no clue what the SB has, as his little bets could be anything. But if I just call the 400 again, then the Cutoff will probably call, and someone could win this with the 8d or 5d in their hand. By raising, those small Flush cards are much more likely to fold. And if someone pushes All-In, then I can make the easy fold.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hand Of The Day #93

$4/$8 Omaha-8 ~ Peppermill ~ 03.19.12

Full table of nine players. Naturally, it's a limp-fest, including me on the Hyjack with Ac Jh 9h 4c. Seven players see the Flop As Jd 2s. The SB bets ($4), and two players call in front of me. I just call, since I have Top Two but no other draws. The Button also calls.

Turn [As Jd 2s] 8h. SB bet ($8). UTG+1 raised ($16). He's an 70's guy who just sat down, and his raise screams 43 for Nut Low. The Mid player cold-calls. He's another 70's guy who is a regular in this game, and is a Super-Nit. He's either got a very strong High hand, or a good Low with some other draws.

My turn now, and I hate this spot.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chip & A Chair (Sort Of)

This is a mini "LOL Donkaments", as I played in the Wednesday night $55 at the Peppermill. It had 22 players, and things went well for me.

We pick up the action with four players left, and it's the 2k/4k/400 level. We are all relatively close in chips, as nobody is super shortstacked or has a Tower Of Power. This tourney is paying three spots. Naturally, someone brought up saving some money for the bubble, and I immediately shot it down by saying, "Paying three spots is fine for this tourney."

Now to the action...

It folded to me in the SB. I raised to 9100 with A9o. The BB shipped All-In for 36700. It's a 30's Lady who seems kinda of new to the game. She played almost no hands before the Final Table. She has been much more active at the Final Table, but I haven't seen her turn over any bad hands.

This is a really close decision. I have her covered, but barely. A9o is a pretty good at a four-handed table, especially Blind vs Blind. But she doesn't seem like someone would just shove to steal. It finally came down to this being a turbo structure, and me having under 10 Big Blinds.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LOL Donkaments #9

Grand Sierra 6:30 $80 Bounty ~ 03.17.12

I haven't played a Daily Donkament at GSR in a long time. But since this is now the biggest buy-in donkament in Reno, I will playing this one most Saturday nights. They give us 20k chips, but the levels start at 100/200. At least the levels are 20 minutes long. There is a $20 bounty, and we have 15 players.

Only two Reno Regulars that I recognize in this field. One at my table is an old Super-Nit with a cowboy hat. At the other table is a very loose, active player named Allen. There are a couple of others who seem to have a poker brain, but the rest of the field seems rather clueless. There is also a charity tourney outside the poker room. Not sure what it's for, or why it's on St Patty's Day, but they are very loud.

Things started very slowly for me, as I was in Observer mode. In Level 2 (200/400), I got moved to the other table. I won two sweet pots in consecutive hands. Both pots were limped preflop by a few players. I was the BB and then SB with a baby Ace, and just limped. I flopped Top Pair with the Ace, and then hit my kicker on the Turn for Two Pair.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Practicing Patience

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - It's Sunday, March 4, and this is the $240 tournament from the Grand Sierra's World Poker Challenge. Instead of having the tables on the casino floor, they have taken over the Xtreme Sports Bar across from the poker room. We have 10 tables crammed in the bar. The tables are 10-handed, but we are starting with 8 stacks and 6 players. This tourney has a $15k guarantee, which means they need 75 players. I'm assuming that means there are re-entries. Levels are 30 minutes long, and we start with 10k chips.

End of Level 1 (25/50) - 9 handed now. Table has been rather aggressive so far. There has been a raise almost every hand, mostly by three different players. I have played almost no pots. I would rather not get involved in trying to be the Alpha Male at the table, and it helps establish a good table image I can use later. I have 9400 chips.

Level 2 (50/100) -  Full table now. I finally raised preflop to 225 with KQo from the Cutoff. Three players saw a Flop Kd Qh 9d. It checked to me, so I bet 525. BB check-raised to 1500. I just called, as that was a very wet board. Turn [Kd Qh 9d] Ts. He bet just 1000, and I called. River [Kd Qh 9d Ts] 2h. He bet 1500 again. I can't see him betting anything that my Top Two Pair can beat, so I fold face up. He said I didn't want to hit the Qd, so I assume that he had JTd. I have 7525 chips

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stepping Back Into The Arena

In case you haven't noticed, I have not played any NL cash games since Christmas Day. The reason for this is because last year sucked badly at the $1/$2 and $2/$3 games (-$4381 in 90 sessions), and that last session was me hitting bottom. A lot of the problem was Lady Luck having some fun with me, as you've read in many posts. But I also know that some of it was me, as I've already written.

So after taking two months off from the NL cash games, it's time for me to jump back in to the arena. On Thursday night, I went up to the Peppermill to play some $1/$2. Since it's a weeknight, I decided to shortstack. I bought $100 Red and $100 Green chips. I put $50 on the table, and the rest in my pocket. If I need to rebuy, or there's a big stack throwing money around the table, then I can pull out more chips.

Here's a Running Log of the session:

7:45 $50 - It's a new table at the Peppermill, which is the third $1/$2 table. We start seven handed. Most of the stacks are in the $100 - $200 range, with me having shortest stack. The largest stack is $300, who is on my direct Left. He's a Prop Player in this room, and is a decent player.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March News & Notes

~ Last month, I said that I had a good January. I was feeling good about my game, and wondered why I had to bother working so many hours when I could be making money playing poker. But in February, not so much.

I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of stats like I did last month. Instead, I will just give you one stat, 2/22. In the 22 donkaments I played in February, I cash in two of them. I also finished the month of January going zero for my last five donkaments, so I'm actually 2 for my last 27.

Most of it has been normal tourney variance. Things like coolers, lost coin flips, the BB waking up with a big hand at the wrong time, doing a high variance play at the wrong time, doing everything else at the wrong time. The problem with a bad run in tournaments is that it's really difficult to determine how much is bad luck and how much is bad play. I'm not gonna say that I've done everything perfectly, but this run has been much more lack of luck rather than lack of skill.

On other poker fronts, February was still a lousy month. The few cash games I played (mostly Omaha-8) didn't go well. Overall, I lost almost as much as I won in January, but a chunk of that was due to tilting off $500 in the Pit one Saturday night.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here's Why I Like To Make A Deal

I mentioned in my last post that I like to make a deal when I have a dominate chip lead, as it helps to lock up my equity and reduces my variance.

In Sunday night's $55 donkament at the Peppermill, I had the Tower Of Power working with three players left in the 2k/4k/400 level. Up to this point, nobody had said a word about any kind of deal, including a Bubble Save. I was glancing at the payouts, trying to figure out the right deal for me.

Before I had a chance to bring up a deal, the Button went All-In for 15k. (Let's call him Nick.) I was the SB with QJo, and quickly called. The BB folded, and Nick showed 95s. Unfortunately, he hit a 5 on the River to double up. Very next hand, Nick and the other player got their chips in the middle, and Nick eliminated the shorter stack.

Well, that killed my three way deal. I still had a healthy chip lead, but Nick had shrunk the gap. It was something like 90k vs 50k, so we had some room to play. 

There was still no mention of a deal, so we started playing Heads-Up. In the very first hand, Nick was the SB, and raised to 20k. This was a surprise to me, as it's only the 2k/4k level. I haven't seen him play much, as he came to the Final Table with a good stack, and only played a few hands up to this point. I quickly folded.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rants & Raves: The Bubble Save

One night last week at the Peppermill, I played $15/$30 Limit instead of the $45 donkament. (+$177 2.5 hrs, in case you were wondering). The Peppermill is adding $300 to some of their tournaments, so this one had a good crowd of 41 players. But for some bizarre reason, they paid out nine spots for a 41 player field. 

I say this because the Final Table for the donkament was right behind my table, which started out with ten players. As soon as everyone sat down, most of the players wanted to do a Bubble Save, which is giving the 10th place their buy-in back by adjusting the payouts. There was one girl at the table who had a decent stack, and said "No". She said it was bad enough they were paying nine players in a 41 player tournament, and paying one more would be stupid. Others jumped all over here, saying it wasn't fair that one of them wouldn't get any money, and she was being greedy. Eventually, the TD came over, and stopped the Bubble Save talk.

I've mentioned in the past that I don't do Bubble Saves anymore, so I've been in her position before, as old geezers have jumped all over me for being greedy. I would have said, "I vote that we pay five players, as that's what a 41 player tournament should play."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hand Of The Day #92

$10/$20 Omaha-8 ~ Peppermill ~ 02.12.12

I'm UTG+1 with As Qs Qh 2d, and raised ($20). Four players saw a Flop of 8c 5c 3c. Not exactly what I had in mind, as I have the Nut Low but just an Overpair for the High. I bet ($10). A Mid player and the Button called, but the BB folded. The Mid is a 60's lady who's playing 9-Card Bingo. She's playing almost every hand, and the first hand I saw her raise preflop was QQ33. The Button is a dealer in this room, and she is a Super-Nit.

Turn [8c 5c 3c] Jd. Once again, all I have is the Nut Low. Since I'm out of position, and have no real hope of a High hand, I checked. The Mid bet ($20), and the Button raised ($40).

For those who like "How Would You Play It?" type hands, this is good spot to ask, what would you do here?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hand Of The Day #91

Atlantis ~ 01.16.11 ~ 11am $45 Tourney Level 5 (300/600/100).

Full table of 10. There was a bunch of limpers, including me in BB. The Flop was Tc Ts 6d. SB and I checked. UTG bet 1000. He a 70's gentleman I've never seen. It folded around to the Hyjack, who min-raised to 2000. He an 80's gentleman who is a Super-Nit, and he probably has at minimum a Ten with a good kicker. Everyone including me folded back to the UTG, who called.

Turn [Tc Ts 6d] 3c. UTG checked. Hyjack bet 2k again. UTG called again.

River [Tc Ts 6d 3c] 2s. UTG turned over his hand, Ad 5h. The Dealer tried to explain to UTG that it's still his action, and eventually called over the Floor. The Floor said the same thing; UTG has the option to Check or Bet. The Floor also told UTG that he shouldn't show his hand, and that he could get a penalty for it next time.

So, UTG finally checked, with his A5 still turned face up. Hyjack bet 2k, and UTG said, "OK, I'll give it to ya." Hyjack showed Qh Th, and scooped a damn fine pot.

Hands like this are why I'm grinding these Daily Donkaments. The structures and rake are terrible, but the players are much, much worse.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hand Of The Day #90

$4/$8 Omaha-8 ~ Peppermill ~ 02.09.12

I recently sat down after I busted out of the $45 donkament. I've only played one big pot, and I lost with my Set when someone hit the Wheel on the River.

There were a couple of limpers. I was in Mid with Ac Ks 5c 2s. I raised ($8), and a bunch of players called. Five or six players saw a Flop of Qc Js 4c. Pretty good Flop for my hand, as I have the Nut Flush Draw, a Broadway Draw, and some backdoor draws. It checked to me, and I bet ($4). One player called, and the next player went All-In for $6. A couple more players called. Since I have so many great draws, I decided to 3-Bet to $10. Naturally, the other three players called.

Turn [Qc Js 4c] 3d. Another great card for me, as I now have a Wheel wrap. If the River is a 6, 5, 2, or A, then I have a Straight. This also gives me the Nut Low Draw, in addition to all the draws from the Flop. It checked to me, and I bet ($8). All three remaining players called.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buy A Piece Of The WSOP

If you think this post is about me selling off pieces for my trip to this year's WSOP, then guess again.

On Wednesday, Caesars Entertainment will have a stock IPO of $9 per share. They have been a privately owned company since 2008. They had planned on doing an IPO back in November 2010, but cancelled due to "unfavorable market conditions".

Being the largest gaming company in the world, with 52 properties in the US, Canada, and Europe, you would think that this IPO would be favorable with the stock market people. However, this is being regarded as a joke and a farce, with one site calling it "The Worst IPO of 2012".

There are a few reasons for this. First, Caesars has a ton of debt, even more than MGM which recently opened the money pit known as City Center. Second, they have no properties in Asia, specifically Macau which is the largest gaming market in the world. Finally, Caesars is only releasing 1.4% of their company in this IPO, which will raise $18 million. What's the point of such a tiny offering, especially with the mountain of debt they own?

I have recently gotten into the stock market, and I agree that this IPO doesn't look good on the surface. But the poker player in me has been looking forward to this for a while. As I've already wrote, I think there is a 60% chance of online poker being up and running in Nevada by the end of 2012. When that happens, (or whatever Caesars will use) will be the biggest brand on Web. Once Nevada starts the online poker ball rolling, other states will follow, and Caesars continue to be the dominant site in the US.

I expect the Caesars stock (CZR) to drop, due to lack of interest on Wall Street. I will happily start to buy at $8/share, and treat this a speculation stock. Hopefully I am correct about Nevada online poker, and will reap the rewards both on the felt and in the market.

UPDATE (10pm):

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February News & Notes

- Sunday is the Super Bowl. I know you've been anxiously waiting for my picks, so here is my official opinion... To me, as a life-long Cleveland fan, this is just another New York vs Boston match-up. Who cares?

I have no interest in the game, and will put no money on it. But, out of respect for my loyal readers, I do like the Giants +3 (or the Money Line) and the Under of 55. The Giants already beat the Patriots at Foxborough back in early November. The Giants are also the Hot Team right now, and we saw what that meant for the Green Bay Packers last year.

- If you're into poker podcasts, my boys at the Cleveland Poker Meetup Group have started doing a strategy podcast. They have done three podcasts so far, two on NL Cash Games, and one on Tournaments. The episodes are in the 1.5 hour range, and they do a pretty good job. The two hosts interview another CPMG member about a topic. Since they are Home Game players, there are some references to players and events that an outsider might not get. But overall, I definitely recommend checking them out, as the podcasts just become available on iTunes.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Passive Aggressive Poker

Passive Aggressive - "An adjective used to describe hiding aggressive intentions and actions with seemingly non aggressive intentions and actions."

In my previous post, there was a comment posted by TK, who's one of my home game buddies from Cleveland. "I'm sure I don't understand why you limped in. Raise or fold. Why put yourself in that position? Why unnecessarily risk chip in with a hero call?"

Normally, I would just make a small comment with an explanation. But this time, I decided to make an entire post about the subject.

This is more about style than anything else. Certainly, shoving with 98o is perfectly fine, and would probably be considered the A-B-C play.

One of the gears I occasionally use could be called Passive Aggressive Poker. (I think I've used the term Stealthy Aggression before.) It's when I act passive preflop by limping or checking my option in the BB, with the intention of stealing the pot on the Flop or Turn when it seems the other player(s) doesn't have anything.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hand Of The Day #89

Atlantis ~ 01.11.12 ~ 7:00 $45 Tournament Level 9 (2k/4k/400)

19 players for this one, and four are left, which is the Bubble. The play is rather calm, as everyone is waiting for AA to get their money in. It folds to me, and I have 9c 8h in the SB. I just limp in. I could raise, and just take it down, but I'm choosing to play small ball with this pot. I'm not super shortstacked compared to everyone else, but I'm in the middle of the pack.

The other reason for limping is the BB, who's a 60's Asian gentleman. He and his wife are tourney regulars around Reno. He's not the typical 60's Super Nit. My perception of him is that he's on the loose, passive side. He likes to call, but he will also make the occasionally move on a pot. If I shove All-In to steal the blinds and antes, then his calling range is wider than average.

Anyways, he checks his option, and the Flop is Tc Td 6s. We both check.

The Turn is [Tc Td 6s] Kh. Once again, we both check.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Local Poker News Flash

(Updated 01/28)

As I'm sitting here eating breakfast, I checked out the websites for the local poker rooms. I'll do this occasionally to see if anything changed on the site, or any new promotions. There usually isn't anything new.

I say "usually" because something happened this morning. The page for the Harrah's poker room couldn't be found. This could be something simple like Caesars making some changes to their websites.

But it wasn't. I clicked on the "Reno/Tahoe" link, which usually takes me to a page listing all three casinos: Harvey's, Harrah's Tahoe, and Harrah's Reno. However, it only listed the two in Tahoe, and not in Reno.

After digging through the Caesars site, I finally got to the Harrah's Reno site. Now for the news... All mention of the poker room has been removed from their site.

In my Harrah's Review page, I mentioned that the poker room was closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, and that I wouldn't be surprised if they closed up by the end of 2012. It may have happened much sooner than I thought.

I'll have to investigate after work tonight.

UPDATE: (10pm)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Good Thing About A Tournament Series Is...

there's always another tourney to sign-up for.

Since I busted out early from the $450 Main Event, I signed up the 4pm $130 Limit Omaha-8 tourney. And I already did one Running Log today, so why not do another one?

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - It looks like five tables for this one, but we are next to the $450 Main Event, so it's hard to say. The tables have ten stacks, and mine has nine players. I'm the youngest by 20+ years, and I recognize the two ladies on my direct Left from the $4/$8 games. I'm really glad they are at this table, because they love to call.

The levels are 20 minutes long, and we start with 6000 chips.

Level 1 (50/100) - The table is playing as you would expect, which is loose and passive. I'm playing tight because the early pots mean nothing in a Limit tournament. The only hand I played was raising (100) from the Cutoff with Ad Ks 9d 3h. A few players called, and the Flop was Jd Js 4c. There was a bet and a raise before it got to me, and I couldn't fold fast enough. I have 5800 chips. 

Level 2 (100/200) - The pace of play is insanely slow, as we saw just seven hands in 20 minutes. Reasons for this included no shuffler, dealing four cards, a Dealer change, and lots of players to the Flop. In the last hand of the level, I was the BB and eight players saw the Flop. Surprisingly, I didn't win.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Peppermill's $450 NLHE Tourney

The Peppermill is having a small tournament series this weekend. Due to some strange anomalies at work, I was able to get a Saturday off so I could play in the $450 Main Event. Here is a Running Log of the tournament.

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - There are six tables with nine stacks each. My table has seven players. I recognize a few other them. The most notable was one I played with at the WSOP-C Event. I'm really glad he's on my Right+1, because he's very active and loose. We're gonna call him Billy.

The levels are 30 minutes long, and we start with 12k chips. This is also a Re-Entry event through Level 6, which is the first time the 'Mill has tried this out.

Level 1 (25/50) - The cards were quiet for me at the table. Towards the end of the level, they opened up a 7th table, and I got moved to it. This sucked for me, because I really liked my table draw. Besides one of favorite players from Tahoe, there was a gentleman from Northern California who declared that he had about $10k on various NFL Playoff bets. I'm sure he would not play tight in a $450 tourney. I have 10825 chips.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rants & Raves: The Future Of Online Poker

With all of the drama-bombs in the online poker world this year, nobody knows what will the future of online poker will be. Here's my opinion on various aspects of the I-Poker topic.

On the Federal level, there are various "experts", including the PPA, who think there is a better than 50% chance of an online poker bill being passed in 2012. Well, I think that number is much closer to 0% for this year due to two reasons. First, the big 2012 Election is looking like it will be rather bloody for many incumbents, so they will want to stay away from anything controversial. Also, Congress is bogged down in the worst gridlock I've ever seen, and aren't capable of passing anything.

So 2013 looks to be the most promising year for federal legislation, but a lot of that depends on what happens in the election. If we get a super conservative President, then you can kiss goodbye any chance of I-Poker passing. It will also depend on which party controls which House of Congress, and who is a leadership position.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January News & Notes

- It's January, and that means the start of a new year. It's a time when people look back at the old year, and look ahead to the new year.

I keep track of my results in a database, and have been doing so for years. But with things going so badly this year, I decided to add a spreadsheet with detailed results on a monthly basis. I figured maybe I could see what things I'm winning at, and where I need to make some changes for this year. It was helpful, as I did notice some things. But the most import thing I noticed was that I'm up for the year, and that includes cash games, tournaments, pit action, and promo / freeplay money. And the amount I finished up for the year is ...

(Insert drum roll here)