Eldorado Review

Last  Update: 01/22/14


Games: $3/$6 Limit and $1/$2 NL ($30-$300) are the main games. Every morning, they have a $1-$5 7-Card Stud game that might run into the evening. They will occasionally get a bigger NL game on weekends, either $2/$3 or $3/$5.

Sat 01/18/14 9:05pm (6)           Wed 01/22/14 8:45pm (3)
4 $1/$2 NL                                 2 $1/$2 NL
2 $3/$6 Limit                              1 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 10/23 9:10pm (2)               Sat 10/26 9:00pm (6)
1 $1/$2 NL                                  3 $1/$2 NL
1 $3/$6 Limit                               3 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 07/31 8:45pm (3)               Sat 08/03 8:45pm (5)
2 $1/$2 NL                                  3 $1/$2 NL
1 $3/$6 Limit                               2 $3/$6 Limit

Sat 04/13 8:40pm (5)                 Wed 04/17 8:30pm (4)
3 $1/$2 NL                                  2 $1/$2 NL
2 $3/$6 Limit                               2 $3/$6 Limit

Wed 01/09 8:30pm (3)               Sat 01/12 8:50pm (5)
2 $1/$2 NL                                  4 $1/$2 NL
1 $3/$6 Limit                               1 $3/$6 Limit

Rake: 10% $4 max with $1 Promotional Drop.

Tables: They have 10 tables, which are 10-handed. There is also an 8-handed table for the 7-Card Stud game. There is no Betting Line, and there are no Automatic Shufflers. The chairs are short and not very comforable, but they do have extra cushions for height and padding. I always grab at least two of them.

Location: The Poker Room is located right by the S Virgina St entrance, which is the main road in Downtown Reno. If you're walking from another hotel, it's a great location. However, if you're parking in the Eldorado Parking Garage, then it's quite a long walk.

Promotions: They offer Hold'em bonuses for Quads ($50), Straight Flushes ($100), and Royal Flushes ($200). For Stud, they have a $25 High Hand every two hours.

They offer two different Bad Beat Jackpots. Hold'em is $2000, and needs AAATT beaten by Quads. Stud is $1500, and needs Quads beaten. Both pay 50% to the Loser, 25% to the Winner, and 25% to the table.

Comps: $1/hr. You swipe in and out at the Desk.

Food & Beverage: They have some coffee in the Room.

House Rules: You can only straddle for $4, but you can do it from any position except the Button.

Tournaments: There is a $25 tourney every day at 10am. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm, they have a $45 tournament. If you play in a Cash game after the tournament, you will get a $10 bonus.

Opinion: This is the premier poker room in Downtown Reno. It's also the only remaining poker room in Downtown Reno. I really don't like this room, as I've mentioned in a previous post. I rarely play at the Eldorado these days, but I will admit their $1/$2 games seem to have the best action in Reno (which isn't saying much).