Grand Sierra Review

Last  Update: 01/22/14


Games: Basically, the only game they have is $1/$2 NL ($50-$300 or Big Stack), Occasionally, they will get a $3/$6 or $4/$8 game on weekends. They usually get some $3/$5 or larger games during tournament time.

Sat 01/18/14 10:25pm (4)        Wed 01/22/14 9:15pm (1)
3 $1/$2 NL                                0 $1/$2 NL
1 $3/$6 Limit                             1 Tournament

Wed 10/23/13 9:35pm (1)        Sat 10/26/13 9:30pm (3)
1 $1/$2 NL                               2 $1/$2 NL
                                                1 Tournament

Wed 07/31 9:10pm (2)           Sat 08/03 9:15pm (4)
1 $1/$2 NL                               3 $1/$2 NL
1 Tournament                           1 Tournament

Sat 04/13 9:15pm (5)              Wed 04/13 9:15pm (2)
3 $1/$2 NL                               2 $1/$2 NL
1 $4/$8 7-Card Stud
1 Tournament

Wed 01/09 8:55pm (1)            Sat 01/12 9:30pm (3)
1 $1/$2 NL                               3 $1/$2 NL

Rake: 10% $4 max. They also take $1 Promotional Drop at $10.

Tables: They have 7 tables in their main room. The tables in the Poker Room have nine chairs. The tables and chairs are basic, and there is no betting line on the tables

Location: The Poker Room is located near the showroom. Rumor has it they will be moving to a new location in a few months, but not exactly sure when this will be.

Promotions: They offer a progressive High Hand Bonus for Quads and Straight Flushes. The Bonuses are capped at $599 for tax purposes. They do not have a Bad Beat Jackpot, but they do have an Aces Cracked promotion for $50. It runs all day Sunday - Thursday, but not during their tournament series.

Comps: $2/hr. You need to swipe in and swipe out at the Desk. They also have free WiFi throughout the casino. You need to enter your email address to get it.

Food & Beverage: Everyday around 10pm, they wheel some food from the buffet that is free for everyone who's playing in the room. You can also order from Room Service or other restaurants and eat at the table.

House Rules: The $1/$2 Straddle is UTG and can be any amount from $5-$20, which means you can't straddle for $4. Also, cash doesn't play in the $1/$2 game.

Tournaments: The 11am is daily and a $45 buy-in. The 6:30pm is $60 on Sundays thru Thursdays, and an $80 (with $20 Bounty) on Fridays and Saturdays. Sadly, the $80 is the largest buy-in donkament in Reno, and the only one I play these days.

Opinion: Back in Oct '13, GSR canceled their Fall Pot Of Gold tournament series. This pissed off a lot of locals, and some of the regulars have become regulars at other rooms. This room wasn't very busy before, and it is noticably slower these days. Just look at the most recent snapshot (0 games on a Wednesday night).

Rumor has it that they will be moving the room off of the casino floor, and to an empty space near the convention area. This new location will do even more damage to their reputation. If they can't fix their tournament series problems in 2014, I would expect GSR will be the next poker room to close in Reno.