Peppermill Review

Last Update: 01/22/14

Twitter: @PeppermillPoker

Website: They have put a new feature on their website that shows the Waiting Lists. They do a really good job of keeping it accurate.

Also, there is an iPhone app that shows what games are running in various poker rooms around the country. The Peppermill is the only room in Reno that is part of that app.

Games: $1/$2 NL, $3/$5 NL, $3/$6 Limit, $20/$40 Limit, $4/$8 Limit Omaha-8 with Half Kill ($6/$12) are the regular games that are running. The other Limit games might have a Half Kill; it's optional at the table's discretion.

Lately on weekends, they have been spreading $5/$10 NL, and $20/$40 Limit regularly. $10/$20 Omaha-8 goes a couple of times a year. The Peppermill hired a High Limit Host named Jimmy to recruit and grow these bigger games. They run on most weekends, but it's hit or miss depending on what else is happening (like the WSOP).

Sat 01/18/14 10:20pm (11)       Wed 01/22/14 9:35pm (6)
6 $1/$2 NL                                 3 $1/$2 NL
1 $3/$5 NL                                 1 $3/$6 Limit
1 $5/$10 NL                               1 $20/$40 Limit
2 $3/$6 Limit                              1 Tournament
1 $20/$40 Limit1 $4/$8 Omaha-8

Wed 10/23/13 9:55pm (7)          Sat 10/26/13 10;05pm (8)
3 $1/$2 NL                                 3 $1/$2 NL
1 $3/$5 NL                                 1 $3/$5 NL
1 $3/$6 Limit                              2 $3/$6 Limit
1 $20/$40 Limit                          1 $4/$8 Omaha-8
1 $4/$8 Omaha-8

Wed 07/31 9:30pm (7)              Sat 08/03 9:45pm (10)
2 $1/$2 NL                                 3 $1/$2 NL
1 $2/$3 NL ($5 to go)                  1 $2/$3 NL ($5 to go)
2 $3/$6 Limit                              1 $5/$10 NL
1 $20/40 Limit                            2 $3/$6 Limit
1 Tournament                             1 $6/$12 Limit
                                                  1 $4/$8 Omaha-8
                                                  1 Tournament

Sat 04/13 9:45 (12)                 Wed 04/17 9:30pm (5)
4 $1/$2 NL                                2 $1/$2 NL
1 $2/$3 NL ($5 to go)                 2 $3/$6 Limit
1 $5/$10 NL                              1 $20/$40 Limit
3 $3/$6 Limit
1 $20/$40 Limit
1 $4/$8 Omaha-8
1 Tournament

Wed 01/09 9:15pm (5)              Sat 01/12 9:55pm (10)
2 $1/$2 NL                                 3 $1/$2 NL
1 $2/$3 NL ($5 to go)                  2 $2/$3 NL ($5 to go)
1 $3/$6 Limit                              1 $2/$4 Limit
1 $20/40 Limit                            2 $3/$6 Limit
                                                  1 $15/$30Limit
                                                  1 $4/$8 Omaha-8

Rake: 10% $4 max and $1 Promotional Drop. For the smaller Limit games ($2/$4 & $3/$6), they use $.50 pieces and take the rake in $.50. I don't know why they don't do that with the NL games, or why it's only for smaller Limit games.

The High Limit games have a Timed Rake, $6/30min for $10/$20 Omaha-8, and I believe $7/30min in the $5/$10 NL and $30/$60 Limit

Tables:  The new room has 19 tables, 13 in the main area and six in a separate tournament room in the back. The tables have nine seats with cupholders in the rail. There is no betting line. The tables seem to have more space between them in the new room.

Location: The new Poker Room is located in the old Saucy's Smokehouse, and right between the old Poker Room and Oceano. There is a outdoor parking lot on the North side of the casino that I use because it's closer to the room than the Parking Garage.

Promotions: * There is now a $10k Bad Beat Jackpot. It's Quads or better beaten. You need to have a pocket pair or suited connector to win.

* Quads now pay $100, and $300 for the 2nd in 24 hrs. Straight Flushes are now $150, and Royal Flushes are $300.

* On the tournament side, if you bring in a buy-in receipt from a tournament within the last 7 days, you will get an extra 1000 chips. You can also get get bonus chips for playing in Cash games, up to 500 chips.

Comps: $1/hr. They now have the Bravo system, so you just swipe in at the table.

Food & Beverage: They have free soup and sandwiches available most of the day. Sometimes they will have some doughnuts or cookies. The new room has a soda machine, along with coffee and bottled water.

House Rules: They have a No Limit straddle. You can straddle for any amount, and you can straddle from anywhere on the table, except the Blinds. The Straddle acts as a Sleeper Straddle, which means you act last, unless someone raises in front of you. The Kill in Limit games acts the same as the Straddle.

Tournaments: They just changed their tournament schedule. Day tourneys start at 2pm weekdays, and 1pm on weekends. Evening tourneys start at 6:30 nightly. The buy-ins range from $40- $65, including all add-ons and rebuys.

Opinion: This is the premier Poker Room in Reno. It has the most tables, as well as the most variety of games, both in types and stakes. If you're looking for a bigger game, this is the first place to look. But if this room was in Las Vegas, it would only be a mid-sized room like MGM or Caesars.

However, if they want to keep the position as the #1 room, then they need to get their act together because things are very unorganized. Even though they are using the same Bravo system that a majority of poker rooms across the country are using, they are still having big problems filling seats at tables and opening new tables when the room gets busy. It's mostly because the Brush where you sign up for a game is also the Cashier where you by your chips. Having one person doing both jobs is an impossible task when the room gets busy. I have no clue why they didn't add a cage when they built the new room in 2011.

There are also many rules that are different at different games, and sometimes even different tables of the same game. It's gotten so bad that the Dealers don't know which rules apply to which game. They end up asking the players, and the players are giving different answers. Naturally, asking the Floor will get you a different answer depending on which Floor person you ask.


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