Friday, August 31, 2012

Highs And Lows Of Omaha

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - 4pm $130 Omaha-8 at the Peppermill for their "Deep Stack Classic". Tables are 10-handed, and it looks like there are 6-7 tables. It's hard to tell, as the 12p $130 NLHE is still going. I also played in that one, but only lasted 45 minutes.

We have eight players and two stacks. For once, I'm not the youngest player at the table. A Dealer from GSR is at the table, and he's a good player.

I have 6500 chips, and the levels are 20 min long.

End of Level 1 (50/100) - Now nine players. I'm trying to keep my VPIP low, as these small pots mean nothing. I would rather observe the other players, and set up a tight table image.

I did raise three hands preflop, but airballed all of them. I have 5825 chips.

Level 2 (100/200) - We have a full table now. We are also in a corner, and the lighting is terrible. The Floor said he can't move us to another open table, as those are saved for the 7pm tourney. However, we will be the first table to break. Of course, since this is a Limit tourney, that should be around two hours from now.

More airballs for most of the level. However, in the last of the level, I raised (200) from Button with 5d 4d 2c Ah. I fired on all three street, and got two callers on the River. I won the Low with A5, and won half the Hi with Two Pair (42).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grand Sierra's Shiny New Poker Room

Last year, Grand Sierra Resort was bought by a California investment group. This year, they started doing renovations throughout the property. This month, they finally got around to the poker room. They tore the old one down to the studs, and rebuilt it in the same spot. During the few weeks of construction, the poker room was relocated in an open space right next to the room.

This past weekend, the new room opened, and I went last night to check it out.

My first impression was Classy. From an aesthetic standpoint, the new room is a serious upgrade from the old room. As you can see, the walls have more color, the ceiling are wood paneled, and the lights above each table are fancier. The tables have new felt that sort of matches their blue $1 chips.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hand Of The Day #98

$1/$2 NLHE ~ Peppermill ~ 08.21.12

Couple of limpers in this typical afternoon game. The Hijack raises to $4. I'm the Button, and 3-bet to $15 with 6s 6h. I don't 3-bet as much as I should, and this seems like a good spot to isolate against the Hijack. Only one of the limpers and the Hijack call.

The three of us see the Flop Jc 8d 6d. The Hijack leads out for $15. I raise to $35, as there are too many draws out there to slowplay. Plus, if the Hijack bets after I re-raised him, he probably has something. The limper folds, but the Hijack calls.

Turn [Jc 8d 6d] Ks. Hijack checks, and I bet $50. He tanks, and starts talking out loud. He wonders if I'm trying to bully him off the pot. The newest episode of the WSOP was on ESPN, so I just watched the big screen while shuffling chips, trying to not give away anything. After what seemed like forever, (probably at least two minutes), he slammed a stack of ten Red $5 chips on the table as a call.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August News & Notes

- I finally tallied up the official total for my two weeks in Las Vegas, -$5493. Ouch!!

My sweet score at GSR made up for a big chuck of that hole, and I finished the months of June & July at -$523. Overall, not too shabby.

- I played the fewest tourney last month (14) that I have played this year. This is because I'm sick of the scourge of $45 donkaments in this town, and I'm not gonna support them with my money. I'm trying to play in buy-ins of $60 or higher, which drastically cuts down on the donkament options.

That means that I'm starting to play more cash games. Mostly $1/$2 with some $2/$3/$5 mixed in.  The $2/$3/$5 game has blinds of $2/$3, but it's $5 to call. It's Reno's version of $2/$5, and it's become a daily staple at the Peppermill.

- A few months ago, I mentioned that I made another sports bet involving the Cleveland Indians. I took the the Under on 78.5 wins for the season, which would be four games under .500