Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Look At Some Numbers

As I've mentioned before, I keep track of my Poker numbers in a database. I think it's much easier to compare different stats in a database, rather than a spreadsheet.

Back in September '09, I added two new columns to the database involving Time. I never kept track of my hourly rate before. But with so many "Pros" discussing their win rate, I figured it was time to start.

Since it's been just over a year, I figured there should be enough of a sample size to look over the numbers. However, the only game with a large numbers of hours is $1/$2 NL. Both $2/$5 NL and $3/$6 Limit are under 30 hours each.

For theses numbers, I have combined $1/$2 and $1/$3 NL since I have not played much $1/$3, and they're essentially the same game.

Total Profit: $6055
Total Hours: 291.75
Total Sessions: 86
Avg per Hour: $20.75
Avg Session: 3.4 hrs

The "Pros" say you should be averaging between $20 - $25 per hour at $1/$2, so I'm right on pace. The thing that might seem strange to some people is the Avg Session being only 3.4 hours. I know that many players brag about how they play for 12-18 hours and even all-nighters. But for me, a six hour session is a long one. That may change a bit when I'm living five minutes from various poker rooms.

I said at the start of this post that I added two columns to my database. The other column besides Hours was Time Period. This is used to keep track of which Time Period that I'm playing. There are four Time Periods that I'm using: Weekday (Mon-Fri before 7pm), Weekday Night (Mon-Thu after 7pm), Weekend Day (Sat & Sun before 7pm), and Weekend Night (Fri-Sun after 7pm).

The point of this is to see if there is any difference in win rates between the different Time Periods. However, some of these Time Periods have a small sample size, so I'm not sure how accurate they may be in the long run.

Weekday: 35 sessions, $2946, 122.5 hrs, $24.05/hr
Weekday Night: 19 sessions, $1720, 61.5 hrs, $27.97/hr
Weekend Day: 22 sessions, $763, 73 hrs, $10.45/hr
Weekend Night: 10 sessions, $626, 34.75 hrs, $18.01/hr

I'm a little surprised by these numbers. I would have assumed that Weekends would be more profitable than Weekdays because Weekends would have more Recreational Players than Grinders. But certainly a sample of 10 sessions is rather small. I will definitely look at these numbers again next year after I've been in Reno for a while.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hand Of The Day #56

09.25.10 - Dave's Poker Pit - Mixed Hold'em Tournament Level 5 (300/600 Limit)

I'm in the Hyjack, and I raise (600) with Kd Ks. Five players see a Flop of Jh 9h 6s. It checks to me, and I bet (300). The Button (El Diabl0) raises (600). SB (Jamie), BB (Silent Dave), and Mid (Cindy) call. I 3-Bet (900), and the Button caps it (1200). The SB and Mid call, but the BB folds.

Turn [Jh 9h 6s] Qc - SB and Mid check. I bet (600). The Button raises (1200). The SB cold calls, but the Mid folds. My instincts are telling me that I'm behind. If it was just against the Button, then I would just go into Check & Call mode. But with the SB cold calling everything so far, I'm rather concerned about him. But with an Overpair and a Gutshot, I just call the extra 600.

River [Jh 9h 6s Qc] 3s - SB checks, and so do I. Button bets (1200). SB folds, and I think for a moment. My instincts are to fold. But it is possible that he's got a hand like QTh with the monster draw and a pair. Plus, it's Limit. There's a huge pile of Purple (500) and Black (100) chips in the pot, so I gotta call. He says, "You're good," and shows 32h. SB had T7h for Flush Draw and Gutshot on the Flop, and picked up a Double Gutshot on the Turn.

Monday, September 27, 2010

End Of An Era

Level 2 (50/100 NLHE) 9800 - For our Saturday night Home game, we do a Variety night tournament on the last Saturday of each month. This month, we tried a Mixed Hold'em tournament. One level is NLHE, and one level of Limit Hold'em. I completely forgot that it started early, so I arrived at the end of the 2nd level. When I bought in, there was 18 players on three tables. I was seated at Table 3, and had a horrible seat draw. Two of the most experienced Limit players (DougPoker and Meat) were on my Left.

Level 3 (200/400 Limit) 8700 - Being so early in the tournament, I'm trying to play tight in the Limit levels, so I can see how everyone is playing. I only won one pot. I raised on the Button with AJh, and took it down on the Flop.

Level 4 (100/200 NL) 8400 - Very card dead. It folded to me in the SB. I look down at AA, and raise to 500. The BB insta-folded.

At the end of the Level, our table broke. I got seated at Table 1, and it was a much better table draw. All of the experienced Limit players are at Table 2.

Level 5 (300/600 Limit) 21475 - I won a monster pot with KK that will be a future HOTD.

BREAK - 22 total Buy-Ins, and 19 players are left.

Level 6 (150/300 NL) 23550 - I only played one hand. I was in the SB with ATh, and I called a 900 raise. Four players saw a Flop of K T x. It was checked around. I bet 2500 on the Turn, and all folded.

Level 7 (500/1000 Limit) 19725 - Last hand of the level, a few players limped in. The Button (GrayDay) raised (2000). I'm the BB and look down at AQ. I decided to 3-Bet (3000) to isolate against the Button. The limpers fold, and Button capped it (4000). I call, and the Flop is K-high. I check, he bet (2000), and I call. Turn is another K. I check, and he bets (4000). Right now, the only hand that I'm ahead of is AJ, and I really doubt he would cap it preflop with AJ, so I fold. He shows KK for Quads.

Level 8 (250/500 NL) 20400 - Still really card dead. I did raise in the Cutoff with K3o to 1600. The BB (Jamie) called, and I won it with a Flop bet.

Level 9 (800/1600 Limit) 23100 - I won a pot in which I 3-Bet preflop with 88, bet the Flop, and it got check down on Turn and River. I lost a couple of other pots that I took a stab at. There is still way too much limping for this stage of the tournament. Some of the stacks are really getting short. They're just limping in trying to spike something, but they don't have the implied odds because it's Limit. That makes it really hard for me to steal blinds.

Level 10 (400/800 NL) 29000 - I was able to finally start to "Step On The Gas" a bit. I raised a couple of times to 2100, and won the Blinds. I also limped in the SB with J9o. Four players saw a J-high Flop. I check-raised from 2600 to 7600, and won the pot.

BREAK - 11 players are left, and we are one away from the Final Table.

Level 11 (1200/2400 Limit) 27400 - UTG (Jamie) raised (2400). Mid player (Boz) 3-Bet (3600). If folded to me in the SB, and I look down at 6d 6c. Both players are short stacked, and I'm guessing they're looking to get their chips in the middle. I figure their range of hands is on the wide side. My pair might be good, or not. Since I've got a good chip stack, I decided to gamble, so I capped it (4800). Both players call, and Mid is All-In. The Flop was A-high, so myself and UTG check it down. UTG has KJs, and missed. Mid had K9o, and hit the 9 on the Turn. I picked up a Flush Draw on the Turn, but missed. Mid ends up winning the large pot.

Shortly after this hand, we get to the Final Table. I've got 27400 chips, and I'm 3rd or 4th in chips. I have a good seat draw because all of the bigger stacks are on my Right, including the Chip Leader who is on my direct Right.

Level 12 (600/1200 NL) 19000 - One player limped in. I'm Mid with AQs, and raised to 4100. Three players called, and one other players goes All-In for just 1000. The Flop was J-high, and the limper (Data) wins the pot with AJ. Later, I stabbed at a pot out of the BB, but I got called and lost.

Level 13 (2k/4k Limit) 13000 - I didn't play a single hand, and blinded out. This is getting very frustrating because I have no cards to play. I need to stay patient, and keep grinding. Because of the Mixed format, I'm definitely the favorite at this table, if I can get a hold of some some chips.

Level 14 (1k/2k NL) 0 - One player limped in. I'm on the Button, and look down at KJo. I normally don't like to ship All-In when there is a limper, but this is the closest thing to a real hand that I've seen since AQ two levels ago. I ship it for 13k. And just like what has happened so many times in the last few months, the SB (GrayDay) looks at his cards, and quickly calls with QQ. Of course, I completely miss my 3-outer, but he does hit Queens Full just to add some salt into the wound. I finish in 7th place.

This tournament, and the following Cash game that went just as well as the tournament, was my final Event in the CPMG. I really, really want to win this one, and go out with a Bang, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Even though I did go out with a Thud, my five year run in the CPMG has been a good one. I have 21 tournament wins, which I believe puts me in 2nd place behind Data, our esteemed Tournament Director, who is somewhere in the mid 20's for wins. I also hold the record for largest tournament cash with $3900 back in Feb, 2007. I'm sure that I'm in the Top 3 for Total Tournament Winnings, but nobody keeps track of that stuff.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hand Of The Day #55

Today's hand is a classic from days gone by. It's from my very first CPMG Home game back on the day after Christmas of 2005.

I found out about the CPMG by accident. I was look for something on the Web, and I stumbled upon the website. I looked through it, and came across the Cleveland Poker Meetup Group. I was into poker through TV, and playing a bit online (mostly Play Money), so I thought I'd give it a try.

There weren't many games back then. But one of the players, El Diabl0, held a $1-$5 Spread Limit Dealer's Choice game. There was just one table (maybe eight players), and all of the silly games were played like Follow The Queen, Acey Duecy, Roll Your Own, and a bunch of other games which I don't remember the names. I ended up winning around $125 that night. I would like to think that it was due to skill and cunning, but it probably was due to hands like this...

I was the Dealer, and I picked 5-A Triple Draw. No particular reason, but I picked a different game each time. The Cutoff (Bricker) raised it to $5. My hand wasn't very good with the only good card being a 5. But I was the Button, so I called. After all, I did have three draws to improve. A few other players called as well. Naturally, I kept the 5 and drew four cards. Those cards were 4 3 2 A. Yeah, I drew four cards, and hit the Wheel. That's how I roll.

After the first draw, he bet out $5, and I raised to $10. Everyone else folded, and he raised to $15. I then raised, and he raised. This went on for a bit, and neither one of us draw a card. Then there was even more Betting and Raising.

By the time we finally got to Showdown, there was a large pile of Red chips in the middle. Sorry, but I don't remember how much was in the pot. It was five years ago. He was dealt a 6-Low, something like 6 5 3 2 A, which is a damn good hand to be dealt. But it didn't beat my Nut 5-Low.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Those Who Can... Do. Those Who Can't... Deal

Even though I've retired from running the Saturday night poker game, I made a guest appearance as TD this week. Sort of a "One for the Road" thing.

At 8pm, we had "Shuffle Up & Deal" with about 16 players, and we ended up with 45 players for the tournament. You know, the usual.

Due to the steady flow of players walking in, and having 45 players getting their AddOn later, I didn't get to play much Poker before the first break. My starting stack of 8000 was down to 6300 at the first break (before the 200/400 level).

After the break, I got moved to a different table, and was able to start to slowly build my stack. I flopped a Straight, and got some value from one of the Calling Stations at the table. I also knocked out a short stack with my T8o from the BB.

In the 400/800 level, there was one player (Eric W) who was doing a lot of raising. It folded to him on the Button, and he raised. I was the BB with 22, and 3-Bet All-In for 8200. He called with AQ. He hit the A on the Flop, and I was out in 29th place.

After doing some TD stuff, I say down in the Cash game. I knew that I wasn't gonna play that long, and have to get up occasionally for TD stuff, so I decided to buy-in short ($50) and play like a Super Nit. I only played for about an hour, and was completely card dead. I started to gamble a bit towards the end, and ended up losing the whole $50.

After dealing the rather long Final Table, I sat down in a rare Chinese Poker game ($3/point). For those who haven't played Chinese Poker before, the game is 90% luck. There is a bit of skill in setting hands, and watching for patterns with the other players. But the players who gets the best cards will win. Some of my cards were good, and some of my cards were bad. I was down $3 when we finished for the night.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hand Of The Day #54

$1/$2 NLHE - Greektown Casino - 09.05.10

One or two players limp in. A Mid player goes All-In for $12. I'm the next player, I decide to raise to $35 in order to isolate with my 7d 7s. The next player thinks for a bit, and calls. He's a 50's guy, and seems to be a bit of a Super Nit. Everyone else folds.

Flop: 8d 6d 4c. This is a good Flop for me. There are no Big cards, and I have a gutshot. I bet $60, assuming that he'll fold his AK. But he thinks for a bit, and calls.

Turn: [8d 6d 4c] 3d. The Flush got there, but I can't put him on the Draw with him hesitating on calling the Flop bet. I decide to keep firing, just in case he's got a bigger pair than me, and will hopefully hate the Flush. I grab a stack of Red, and make it $100. He thinks for a bit, and starts mumbling something while making the call.

River [8d 6d 4c 3d]5d. I hate this card. We both check, and he shows Kh Kc. The All-In guy (remember him) shows Kd Jc, and wins the Main Pot (around $40). I win the much larger Side Pot with a 7-high Flush.

This hand is a great example of why Weak & Passive poker doesn't win. If the KK raised at any point in the Hand, then I probably would have folded. But the Super Nit would rather "play it safe" by just calling, and let me beat him.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hand Of The Day #53

Many of the Hands Of The Day involve me getting a little lucky by catching the right card, or having another players screw up and paying me off. For your reading pleasure today, I've decided to balance the scales a bit by giving you a hand that I royally screwed up, especially Preflop and on the River.

$1/$3 NLHE - The Rivers Casino - 08.29.10

UTG+1 raised to $10. He's in his 60's and a Super Nit. I'm the Hyjack with AJc. I haven't 3-Bet all day, so I decided to raise to $25. He was the only caller.

Flop: Kc 6d 3c. He checked. I bet $50 with my Nut Flush Draw. He called.

Turn:[Kc 6d 3c] 3h. He checked. This seems like a good time to take a free card, so I also check.

River: [Kc 6d 3c 3h] Jh. He leads out for $75. I think about it for a bit. I did hit one of my cards, so I make the crying call by tossing three Green chips towards the middle. He shows KK for Kings Full of Threes.

Of course he had KK. He's a Super Nit. What else would he have in this spot? Super Nits don't bet the River without the Nuts (or close to it). The only other hand that he might bet would be JJ, but he might have folded that on the Flop. I doubt he would even bet AA or QQ here. He would just Check & Call. And he would never bet a missed Draw.

Of course, all of the hands I've mentioned so far I couldn't beat. The specific hand that I can beat is QJ, but he would never have that hand in this spot. The only possible hand that I could beat would be TT. But I doubt he would have raised preflop with it, let alone call the Flop bet.

And then there's the Preflop action. Why would I ever 3-Bet a Super Nit with anything worse than QQ? Against a Super Nit, AJc is the same as A3c. It's fine to call, and try to hit something. But don't play it too aggressive, because you will only win a small pot or lose a bigger pot.

One of my poker phrases is, "Never pay off a Super Nit, because you will never get that money back." It too bad I didn't listen to my own advice.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dave's Saturday Night

"Shuffle Up & Deal" 5000 - At our Saturday night home game, we started with three tables (19 players). I'm at Table 3, and we're six handed.

End of Level 1 (25/50) 4025 - We now have four tables with 9 players at ours. I raised to 300 with AQ in the Hyjack, and only the SB (Crazy Mike) called. Flop was J 9 7. We both checked. Turn [J 9 7] Q. He checked. I bet 525, and he called. River [J 9 7 Q] 5. SB led out for 1000. I thought about it for a minute. I decided that this isn't a spot he would bluff, and folded. He said he had KTh, but didn't show.

Level 2 (50/100) 4100 - We now have 44 players on five tables. I'm really card dead to the point that I didn't have a hand to raise preflop. I did win a Blind vs Blind hand with a bet on the Flop.

Level 3 (75/150) 4275 - The CO (Matt G) limps in. I'm the Button with AA, and raise to 525. The SB (Dawn) and CO call. Flop Jh 9d 7d. They check, and I bet 1025. SB folds. CO thinks, and asks how much I have left (under 2000). He counts out the chips, thinks some more, and finally folds.

Later, I did 3-Barrel Bluff in a multi-limp pot with KQ on a AJ6 9 6 Board. The SB (Crazy Mike) checked and called the whole way with just A7o. I get my 3000 AddOn.

Level 4 (100/200) 3975 - Cards really suck. That's what I get for trying to bluff. The only hands I played were the Blinds.

Level 5 (150/300) 4275 - I got moved to Table 1, and won my first pot in the SB. The cards still sucked, although I did raise with ATd on the Button and won the Blinds.

Break Time - 39 players left on five tables.

Level 6 (200/400) 11400 - We are down to four tables now. I shoved a few times, but just won the Blinds. In the last hand of the level, I raised to 1100 UTG with KK. The SB (Mike T) raised enough to put me All-In with 88. Naturally, I called and a K on the Flop sealed the deal.

Level 7 (300/600) 12000 - I raised with A9s and AA, but just won the Blinds.

Level 8 (400/800) 0 - We are down to three tables. Card dead until the final hand of the level. I raise to 2100 UTG+1 with TT. The SB (Colin) 3-Bets to 6200. I count down the rest of my chips, and have 6400 behind. If I fold, then I've got 6400 going in the next level (600/1200). Having 5 Big Blinds just ain't gonna cut it, so I reluctantly call. Of course, he has AA, and the Board is total Air for me. I'm out in 25th place.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hand Of The Day #52

Greektown Casino - 09.06.10 - 11am $75 Tournament Level 1 (25/50)

First hand of the tournament with 4k starting stacks. Hyjack (60's Lady) raises to 225. I'm the Cutoff, and call with A9s. UTG also calls. Flop 8s 6c 4s. UTG checks. Hyjack bets 775.

My turn. Since this is the first hand, I have no info on this player. But she's a 60's Lady, she raised rather large preflop, and bet Pot on the Flop. This smells like AA or maybe KK. I do have the Nut Flush Draw, and maybe an Overcard (but I doubt it). I'm not getting the Pot Odds for just one card. But if it hits on the Turn, I have a hunch that she will pay me off. Not necessarily all of her chips, but I could get a Value Bet of 800 on the Turn, and maybe 1000 on the River. So I call the 775.

Now for the Big Surprise of this hand... UTG check-raises All-In. Naturally, the Hyjack also ships it All-In. UTG is a Kid who I played Cash with before the tournament. He plays and talks like an Internet player. He made a big check-raise with Pair + Flush Draw in the Cash game. But since he's UTG in this hand, I would think his range is a little tighter. Obviously, a Set is likely. But he could have anything like TT for an Overpair, 77 or 55 for Pair + Straight Draw. Maybe some Suited Connector like 86h for Two Pair, 76s for a big Combo Draw, or even 75d for a Straight.

Anyways, I need to call 3000 to win 9075. With 3-1 Pot Odds, I'm certainly getting the right odds to call, but that means putting all of my chips at risk on Hand #1. If I fold, I've still got 3000 left which I can still work with. If I call and lose, then maybe my seat in the Cash game is still open. If I call and win, then I start Hand #2 with 12000 chips, and will probably make it to the Final Table (assuming that I don't get screwed later).

I finally decided to "Go Big, or Go Home", and make the call. The Cutoff shows AA. UTG shows Q7s for a Flush Draw + Gutshot. The Turn and River were [8s 6c 4s] 3d 3c. The Lady wins 12k chips, and I head back to find a seat in the Cash game.

What I'm about to say isn't me being bitter, because I knew that I was gambling with my call. But the Kid's play with Q7s was just horrible. I understand what he was thinking...

"I have good equity with Flush Draw + Gutshot (47%). By shoving All-In, that will create Fold Equity. If she folds even 30% of the time, that will make this a profitable play."

The problem with this thinking in Live games instead of the Internet is that there is no Fold Equity. She will never fold, and that's not because I saw her AA. I said earlier that it was rather obvious that she had AA or KK. That was why I just called the 775 with my Flush Draw + possible Overcard.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Giving The Term "Blowout" A Whole New Meaning

On Saturday night, our regular Home game started back up after the summer hiatus. Being the first Saturday back, and being Labor Day Weekend, we did a Pot Luck Cook-Out before the tournament started.

The tournament ended up with 62 players. No, that's not a typo. We actually had 62 players for a basement tournament, and that's a CPMG record.  Not all were seated at the same time. We started with 49 players at five tables. As late players came, the 6th table was opened up to seat 8 players, and other seats opened up due to bustouts.

As most of you know, I'm moving to Reno next month, so I'm no longer the Tournament Director of this game. Since this is the first event that I haven't had to run, I did a Running Log of it. However, I busted out in Level 4, so it's just not worth printing.

With such a big crowd, I didn't think that a "Fold To The Final Table" strategy was a good idea. My JJ ran into KK for my first 5k buy-in. I rebought with my 3k Add-On. I ended up shoving All-In with an Open-Ender against Two Pair, and missed.

Since I was out so early, I helped out running things for a bit before I jumped into the Cash games. The first Cash table ($1/$1 NL) was opened up on the 7th table, a small octagon table that was set-up in the garage.  The second table ($1/$1 NL) was set up after Table 6 was broken in the tournament. The third table was started after Table 5 was broken by the tournament. That table was something new for our game, a $1/$3 ($400 max). We tried it out for the first time because the $1/$1 ($150 max) is just too small for some of our Action Junkies. It was a success, as both the $1/$3 and a $1/$1 game ran until we shut down at 4:30am.

As for my Cash game, I bounced between the $1/$1 tables and the $1/$3 table. I finished the night down $160, thanks mostly to one hand at the $1/$3 table...

We had been playing at the table for a while now, and I limped in Mid with 77. The player two seats to my Left (GrayDay) raised to $40. It folded back around to me. $40 is kinda crazy for a $1/$3 table, but GrayDay gets kinda crazy as he gets more drunk. And he was starting to get frisky and more crazy. I figured he wouldn't raise like that with a "real" hand, so I went All-In for around $170ish.

As it turns out, I was right. He wouldn't raise to $40, but he would 3-Bet to $40. One minor detail that I didn't notice was the player between us (Caveman) raised to $12. And Caveman went All-In immediately after I did. When I realized what had just happened, my first thought was, "I am SO dead." GrayDay thought for a bit, and finally folded TT. As you've probably already figured out, Caveman showed his AA. He flopped an A on the Flop, and a T on the Turn might have cost GrayDay a chunk of chips if I didn't screw up.

I'm sure he'll thank me someday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hand Of The Day #51

$1/$2 NLHE - Nautica Charity Poker Festival - 07.03.09

I've got AA UTG, so I make it my standard raise to $7. The next player folds, and then Player A raises to $15. He just sat down, but seems to be a 'normal' player. It folds around to the Button, who makes it $45. He is a younger kid who has a big stack of +$600. He's been playing fast and loose, and has been pushing around his big stack. The SB, who has just $1 in the pot, calls the $45. He's not a good player. He's been playing very loose, especially with any Pocket Pair. Earlier, he had trouble folding 10 10 on a J-high flop when a older gentleman check-raised him.

Now it's back to me. What to do, what to do ... $125, which is about half my stack. Player A, who has $15 in the pot, calls the extra $110. He got $55 left in his stack. Button grabs two stacks of Red, and makes it $245. SB, who has has about $125 left in his stacks, thinks for awhile, and reluctantly folds what I'm guessing is a pocket pair. Of course, I call for a total of $238. Player A also calls for a total of $180. I found out later that he had AK sooooted.

The Flop is 8 6 6. The Button, who put the 3rd and 5th raise in preflop, immediately turns over 8 8. And of course, just for fun, he spikes the last 8 on the River for quads, and scoops a pot of $703.

Nice Hand, Sir.