Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WSOP Circuit $365 NLHE

"Shuffle Up & Deal" - WSOP Circuit at Harvey's Lake Tahoe, $365 NLHE starting at 3pm on Sunday. The Seniors event started at 10am. They had 177 players, and have 86 left.
No clue how many tables, but this should be in the 125-175 range. We have ten seats, but only six bodies. Levels are 30 minutes long, and we get 10k chips.

End of Level 1 (25/50) - We now have nine bodies, and the timer shows 195 players. That is impressive considering the Seniors tourney still has 80 players. This weekend's 2-starting field tournament had 651 entries, and just re-started with 81 players.

This level was a whole lot of nothing for me. The only "real" hand that I looked at was 99 UTG. The average age of this table is much younger than I'm used to playing in Reno, as there are a lot of California players here. There are two Kids on my Left who seem to know what they are doing, so I'm keeping my VPIP is very low. Hopefully, this will set up an image for later.

I have 9325 chips.

Monday, November 5, 2012

November News & Notes

- As you loyal readers have noticed, I haven't been a loyal blogger lately. As I've mentioned before, things just aren't as blog-worthy after 400 entries, especially the day-to-day grind. Special events and road trips are still interesting, and I do have two more trips planned for this year.

Another reason for lack of blogging has been lack of playing. I started dating a young lady named Karen back in August, and that really cut down on my poker. However, that relationship has fizzled out, so I have more time for the tables.

Does that mean I'll be blogging more? Well, like most poker questions, the answer is "It depends." There will be times that I'll be motivated, and times that I won't. I may do three entries in a week, and then go three weeks without a word.

- Just like last year, I'm heading to Lake Tahoe for the WSOP Circuit that starts on Thursday. It's too far away to drive back and forth every night, so I got a hotel room from Sunday to Wednesday, and will be heading home on Thursday.