Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have You Ever Been Check-Raised In The Dark?

1:15 $300 - On Sunday afternoon, I walked into The Rivers Casino in downtown Pittsburgh, and was immediately seated at a $1/$3 NL table. Even though this table has been open all night, it looks like a new table. Nobody has over $400, and half of the table is under $200.

1:30 $293 - The only hands that I played were posting when I sat down and my blinds. Table seems to be playing normal for an early afternoon. There is one Dude on the other end of the table who doing most of the preflop raising, but he's playing rather passive postflop.

2:00 $252 - I raised to my standard of $11 from Mid with JTh, and got a couple of callers. The Dude in the BB raised to $35, and I was the only caller. While the Dealer was gathering up the chips, the Dude checked in the dark. I've always thought that raising and then checking in the dark was a retarded play, so I bet $50 in the dark. The Dude instantly check-raised All-In for $192, so I know that he's got either AA or AK.  Meanwhile, the Dealer has this "Are you serious?" look on her face, and wants to know when she can go. I tell her to go ahead. Flop is Jc Tc 9c. Naturally, I call the dark All-In for $142 more with Top Two Pair. The Dude shows Ad Ac for the Nut Flush Draw. The Turn was 6s, but the River was 3c shipping him the pot.

While this was a dramatic and somewhat silly hand, it was a fairly standard trainwreck with Top Two Pair vs Overpair + Nut Flush Draw. Had it been played "normally", the end result would have been the same. And that result was me getting eight more Green chips out of my pocket to reload my stack.

2:30 $225 - I played a few small pots. The Dude vanished, but he chips are still on the table. The table is very Tight & Passive without him here playing goofy.

3:00 $237 - I called a small River bet with A-high. He had Quads. Things are not going well so far. I'm not sure if it's due to a bad day or just bad play. Probably a little of both. The Dude is still gone. I pull the last four Green chips out of my pocket ($600 total on the table).

3:30 $155 - I'm completely out of sync. I bet a Gutshot Draw on the Turn, and the other player already had a Full House. I also folded Middle Pair on the River after another player called the bet, and I would have won. The Dude came back after an 80 minute lunch.

4:00 $147 - Very card dead, and so is this table. The Dude is playing a decent number of hands, but hasn't raised yet. There has been some changeover in players, so maybe this table will liven up.

4:30 $133 - This is pathetic. In two different hands, I could have called a preflop raise with 76o and A7o, but I just don't have enough chips in front of me. Both times, the Flop came 7 7 6.

How long do I sit here waiting to go broke? I have $600 on the table, so is leaving with just over $100 worth it? Or should I just gut it out, and hope for a Lightning Strike?

5:00 $319 - I get down to $100ish. UTG+1 raised to $12. I called in the BB with Th 9d. Four players saw the Flop of 9h 6h 3s. I check my Top Pair. UTG+1 bet $20. Mid called. I decide to make a stand, and check-raise All-In for around $85-$90. UTG+1 insta-ships All-In, and Mid folded. UTG+1 has 9c 9s for Top Set, and I'm ready to make the Walk of Shame to my car. But... The Turn and River were Hearts, and I win with a 4-Card Flush. Lightning has struck.

I then proceed to win the next three hands, although none were as large or dramatic. It's a funny game sometimes.

5:30 $314 - The Rush is over.

6:00 $538 - Mid raised to $6, and I called on the Button with 64s. Five players saw a Flop of 8c 6d 4c. The SB led out for $20. Two players called, including the preflop raiser. I make it $100. It folds around to the preflop raiser, who just called the $20. He thinks for a while, and starts asking me if my pocket pair is larger then his. I basically ignore him, and he finally folds.

Later, UTG (new player & shortstacked) raised to $11, and I call in the Hyjack with A2d. Five players saw the Flop of 7h 2h 2s. UTG bets $16. The player next to me calls, an Old Guy who just sat down. I raise to $50. It folds around to UTG, who shipped it for $63 total. Old Guy thinks for a bit, and calls. I call the extra $13 because I can't raise. Turn (7h 2h 2s) 6d. Old Guy checked. I bet $100. He thinks for a bit, and folded. I show my A2d, and UTG mucked.

6:30 $360 - I lost a pot with KJo. I hit Top Pair on the Flop, but the Board got scary. Later, I lost about $150 to a Super-Nit in a hand that I played horribly (a future Hand of The Day).

The Old Guy is just dumping money on this table. He calling everything, and is here to gamble. He's already reloaded. Hopefully I can get a chunk of chips from him before I go. I'm getting hungry.

7:05 $454 - I called a Flop bet with Middle Pair (JTo on a K T x Flop), and hit Trips. I got Value on the Turn and River. I won a few other smaller pots, but nothing from the Old Guy.

It's Dinner Time. I cash out with the small loss, head up to the Buffet, and then start the journey home.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seems Like Old Times

I haven't been blogging much about Home Games for one simple reason. I have been going to them lately. Part of the reason is the Home Game schedule is lighter in the summertime. My regular Saturday night game that I used to run has been on hiatus for the summertime, although it starts back up next week. There has been a decent amount of Friday night games. But as a mailman, I have to work on Saturday morning at 7:30, so playing until 2am on Saturday morning isn't a good idea.

Last night, Julie had a $80 Deepstack Bounty Tournament ($20 goes to the Bounty) that started at 3pm. Since I didn't get off of work until 4pm, I arrived to buy-in late at 5pm. The tournament started with 18k chips, and 30 minute levels. So I got there at the first break, and received a starting stack of 16500.

Even though I'm moving to Reno, and will be playing poker 3-5 times a week, one of the things that I will be missing about our Home Games is the great tournament structures. Even our quicker structures are much better that the daily casino tournaments that I will be playing. However, this tournament was a Deepstack with extra levels added. After the first break, I started in Level 5, which was 125/250 (That's a level I will never see in a casino). There was only two tables, and 23 total players with the late buy-ins. But this was not a tournament where "Folding To The Final Table" was a good strategy.

There is another thing that I will miss about playing in Home games. I've been with the CPMG for almost five years, and been playing with some of these players for the entire time. We've got a lot of stories together, and a bunch of inside jokes. Last night was a blast, with a lot of laughs and goofing around. In a casino, you just don't get that same level of entertainment sitting at a table full of 60 yr old men hoping to hit the Bad Beat Jackpot so they can fund their retirement.

As for my tournament, I ended up finishing in 13th place. The main reason was due to two Hero calls that didn't work out. I really should cut the Hero call out of my game, because my win percentage just plain sucks.

The first was against Linda. I called her preflop raise with 99, and had position against her. The Flop was J-high and rainbow. She made a small bet (1600, I believe), and I called. The Turn brought a Spade draw. She made another bet (3200ish) that was about 40% of her stack. After thinking about it for a bit, I figured that she either had a Set of Jacks or something like AQs. I had chipped up nicely to well over 25k, so I decided to put her All-In, and take a shot at the Bounty if she was on the Spade draw. Instead, she was on the Boat draw with her JJ, and I was drawing dead. I lost around 7700 with the Turn bet. But I was able to eventually get those chips back, and got to the second break with 28600 (next level after Break was 300/600).

The second Hero call was against Cheryl. It was a limp pot in the 400/800 level. A couple of players limped, and so did I on the Button with A9o. Flop was Ac 6h 3c. Cheryl lead out from UTG with 1500. I called, and so did the BB. Turn (Ac 6h 3c) 7h. She bet around 2500 (don't remember exactly). I thought for a moment, and called. The BB folded. River (Ac 6h 3c 7h) 3h. She stacks up all of her chips, and goes All-In for 12800.

This bet really confused me. She's a fairly tight player, so an All-In from her looks really strong. I'm less likely to call the All-In rather than a bet of 4000. It was a limp pot, so she probably doesn't have a Big Ace (AK, AQ, etc). She could have had something like KQc or KJc, and was betting the Draw. Earlier in the night, I did make a big semi-bluff on her, showed her the bluff, and she was visibly "not amused" with me. So she could be trying to bluff me. She could have also have limped with 66, and is trying to look like a bluff with her Full House. Plus, this would be a Bounty for me if I pick her off. I really went deep into the tank with this one, and started thinking out loud. Someone called Clock on me, and it almost got the 10 second countdown before I made the crying call. She said "Ace", and turned over ATo. I got that "Are you serious?" look on my body, and turned over my card to show that I was out-pipped. I still think that shoving there with AT is a bizarre play, but maybe I'm just out-thinking myself. Later in the night, she did make a River bluff on a missed Flush draw, but it wasn't an All-In.

That Hero call left me with 12k at the 400/800 level. It hurt, but I had time to rebuild with this great structure. But I went card dead for a while, and just maintained my stack in the 12k-14k range.

In the 500/1000 level, it folded around to Chris (?) who raised in the Cutoff to 2500, and had about 10k behind. It folded to me in the BB, and I looked down at Td 9h. I hadn't been playing many hands lately, so this seemed like a good time to make a move since she's a tight passive player. I went All-In for 13k. She thought for a minute, counted her stack, and said, "I'm feeling lucky with this hand." ( I love to hear that when I'm bluffing.) She calls, and shows ATh. I miss my 3-outer, and I'm left with 1500 chips and the SB next hand. Naturally, I go All-In in the SB, and was eliminated.

I did manage to win one bounty early in the night. Meat went All-In on a Flush draw, and got called by JJ. He hit his Flush on the Turn. The 4th Heart hit the River, and the JJ won it with a 4-Card Flush. This left Meat with just 1600, and he went All-In on the next hand from Early Position. He got two callers. I was in the SB, and looked down at AKo. I made it 6000, and the two callers folded. Meat showed T8o, and airballed the Board.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camped Out At Harrah's

First, the important stuff. I did sign a 12 month lease for an apartment in a large complex on the south end of town. It's a 2-Bedroom with Washer/Dryer in the apartment. I haven't used a laundromat in over 10 years, and I'm not about to start now. I'm also about a five minute drive from Peppermill and Atlantis.

I stayed at Harrah's Reno, since I had a 3 Free Nights offer. I also tried to do all of my Poker and Pit play at Harrah's to help build points for my cross country road trip when I haul my junk across the country.

The best word to describe the Harrah's Reno Poker Room is "Pathetic". They have six regular tables and one small table for Stud games, except they have no Stud games. In fact, the room has only two tables with Shufflers because the other table are never used. In my various sessions, there was never two full tables of Cash games (1/2 NL). Often, they start a table with only four players, and use a single $2 Blind. The tournaments I played didn't have two full tables, and they usually broke the Cash game, because there just weren't enough players.

As for my Poker, the Cash games were profitable (4 session, +$335, 10.75 hrs). They best way to describe the quality of players is to use a word that some of the Internet players use ... Droolers. There were a couple of decent 20's kids, but most of the players were either really tight or just really bad. I hit a few big hands, and most of them got paid off. If all of the local "Pros" will be at the Peppermill, then I will definitely be visiting other rooms to grab the "low hanging fruit".

I played in two tournaments. The structures were horrible with the blinds doubling every level (25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 400/800, 500/1000, 1000/2000, 2000/4000... ). Being Harrah's, home of the World Series of Poker, they didn't even have any Tournament software. They were using a mechanical timer which looked like the timer that Wendy's uses to remind the employees to stir the Chili. (That was my first job in High School). They also used the bare minimum number of chips to run a tournament, and the Dealer started coloring up chips on Hand #2. It's really pathetic they don't have enough chips to run a two table tournament.

The first tournament (Mon night) was a $65 Bounty, with $10 for the Bounty. It had 18 players, so I tried the "Fold To The Final Table" strategy. However, I didn't do a very good job of it, and was the first one out. The second tourney (Tue night) was their Deepstack. This one started with 9k chips, but only had 13 players. I made it to the Final Table. But as often happens in the Shove-Fests, the Shortstacks just kept doubling up, and the Blinds got retarded. I ended up in fourth place when the BB, who was the tightest guy there, woke up with QQ. Harrah's only paid two spots, and nobody ever mentioned the Chop word.

Although I was hoping that I wouldn't do this, I ended up dumping a lot of money in the Pit. The main reason for this was because there were stretches of time when there was nothing to do. My Body never switched over to Western Time Zone. So I was in bed by 11pm, and was up at 4:30am. Not too many Poker tables open at 6am in Reno. Also, if I signed up on the List at the Poker Room as the second or third player, it was up to an hour wait due to only having one table running. After I move there, this shouldn't hopefully won't be a problem. I can just hop in my car, and make the 10 minute ride home.

Monday, August 23, 2010


After checking in to my room at Harrah's Reno, I walked across the street and down a bit to the Eldorado Casino. They were having a Tournament Series this weekend, and the last event was at 5pm, $200 ($175 + $25) NLHE with $2000 added for 1st place. The $200 got you T4000 chips, and there was a $5 Dealer Add-On with T1000 chips. The levels were 30 minutes long. The structure was actually kinda good with extra levels added in the middle of the tourney.

Being in Reno on a Sunday night, I really wasn't sure what to expect for a turnout. But I certainly didn't expect what happened. They originally had 4 tables (9 handed) set up for "Shuffle Up & Deal", but they only had three tables with maybe 20 players to start. The Late buy-in period was one hour (2 levels). They ended up with 23 players. With $2000 added to the prize pool for first place, that's an overlay of $87 per player. That is huge for a $200 tournament. To put it a different way, the regular prize pool was about $4000, and then they're adding $2000 to that.

With the small field and huge overlay, I decided to have the same strategy that I have for the small Greektown 11am tourneys. Basically, fold to the Final Table. Don't splash around too much and keep my VPIP low because I don't have many chips. Stay away from calling raises, and try not to get involved in marginal spots. If I start to get low, try to maintain in the 10-20 BB range. Once I get to the Final Table, I feel I have a big advantage because I've been involved in so many Final Tables at my Home Game tournaments.

However, everything went wrong for me. Whenever I zigged, I should have zagged. Early on, I folded the Q-high Diamond Flush on the Turn on the Button. The SB bet the Flop, and then bet the Turn. A Mid player called the Flop, and shipped the Turn. He's a 50's guy who's already folded AA face up in an earlier hand. It was a really close decision. Eventually, I thought survival was more important with this tournament, so I folded. The SB had the Ad with Top Pair. Mid guy had 87d for a smaller Flush. This would have been a good Hand Of The Day, but I wasn't in the mood to write down the details.

There were many other spots that just didn't work out like they should have. But the worst of all was when we were down to two tables with around 16 players left in the 150/300 Level. I raised UTG to 825 with AQd. A 20's lady in Mid position called. SB goes All-In for 1125 total. I can't raise to isolate, so I call the extra 300 and so does the Lady. Flop was 9c 6h 3d. We both check. Turn [9c 6h 3d] 9d. I check. She starts mumbling about me having overcards, and her having a pocket pair. She grabs some chips, and bets 600 in to a pot of about 3600. So I need to call win 600 to win 4200, or 7-1 Pot Odds. But I've only got 6 outs, and there's a good chance that the SB has one of my outs. Since things haven't been going well up to this point, I'm getting short on chips, and tossing another 600 just hoping to hit isn't a good idea, even with Pot Odds. So I fold. The SB shows KJh and she shows Qs Jd. The River was a brick, and the SB stays alive with K-high.

I was furious. Not because she lied about having a Pocket Pair, or because those 3600 should have been mine. The reason I was pissed was because that may have been the stupidest bet I've ever seen in a tournament. With Q-high, she has no Showdown value. She can't win the Main Pot with Q-high, and there was no Side Pot to bet into. What did she think the SB had, JTs? That was the only hand she could beat. Even if she had 22, it wouldn't have been a terrible bet, because she could beat Overcards. But with that retarded 600 bluff, all she did was let the SB hang around.

Shortly after this hand, we get to the first Break. I've got 2500, or half of my starting stack left. With the next level being 200/400, it's time to start shoving. On the Break, I talk to the KJ guy about that hand, and I tell him that he'll probably be the one to knock me out, since he's now on a Freeroll.

On the second hand back from Break, I look down at K9h, and I ship it All-In for 2500. It folds around to the BB, who is the Freeroll guy. He thinks about it for a bit, and reluctantly calls with 88. I'm sure that I don't need to tell you that I completely missed the Board, and I finish in 12th place.

I don't know what happened after I left, but I would bet my bankroll that the Freeroll guy went on to a sweet cash.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

OK, it's time to get a little personal.

Unlike some of our Home game players, I have no interest in becoming a Pro Poker player. First, I don't think I'm good enough. If I had to survive for a month or two between jobs, then I probably could grind it out.

Second, I just cleaned out all of my debt in the spring, and I don't have any interest in getting back into debt.

Third, I already have a good job. For those who don't know me personally, I'm a mailman in the city where I live, Elyria, OH. I've been with the USPS since January, 2004. I'm making between 55k - 65k a year depending on overtime.

Living in NE Ohio all of my life, I really want to get of here. This area is dying. The political leaders are completely clueless, and only care about getting re-elected. In any of the "Top Ten Cities" lists that are published about anything negative, Cleveland always seems to be in the Top 5. It's also 2+ hrs drive to any casino. Yes, Ohio finally approved one casino to be built in Cleveland. But as things usually go in Cleveland, it will be the last one built, and it will probably be two years behind schedule, like 2014.

Working for the USPS, I could transfer anywhere in the country as long as there is an opening. So where do I want to go? Obviously, somewhere with casinos near by. While I don't want to go Pro, I would like to play more, and eventually play bigger than I am now.

Being a mailman, the weather is a big factor. I hate walking in the rain. An all-day soaker is just the worst. I'm not thrilled with the Heat, but I can live with it. I actually prefer working in the Cold rather than the Heat. I can always put on an extra layer when it's cold outside.

I know that Dry and Casinos sounds like Las Vegas. As a Poker Player, I would love to live in Sin City. But as a mailman, it's just too damn hot in the summertime. This year they had temperatures in the 110+ range. In early July, they had a stretch of five or six days that the low temperate at night didn't drop below 90.

On Saturday, October 9, I will be reporting to work at the post office in downtown Reno, NV. Yes, I know that will technically be the first day of the rest of my life, but you get the point.

For those who haven't been to Reno, it's sort of a cross between Downtown Las Vegas and Niagara Falls. There a lot of small casinos, and a few mid-sized ones, but no mega-resorts like Bellagio or Venetian. It's also about an hour north of Lake Tahoe.

As for the weather, the temperature is basically the same as Cleveland with winter and summer. There is just no rain (or snow or humidity).

As for the Poker, Reno is not the Poker town that Las Vegas or Atlantic City have become. All of the casinos have a poker room, but most of them are really small. Limit Poker is big in Reno, with most places having 3/6 Limit and maybe some 1/2 NL. Bigger games like 2/5 NL are rare, with only two or three rooms spreading it. The biggest regular game in town is 20/40 Limit at the Peppermill, which is the premier room in Reno.

As for the tournaments, many poker rooms have smaller tournament series throughout the year. The buy-ins in the $100-$500 range and a variety of games for these tournaments. But the Daily Tournaments leave a lot to be desired. Here's an example:
Daily at 10:00 a.m.
Texas Hold'em 1 Hour Shootout
We start taking sign-ups at 9:00 a.m.
    * $16 buy in for $500 in tournament chips ($15 buy in + $1 entry fee)
    * No rebuys
For an extra $2, get $200 more in tournament chips. All monies go into dealer's pool. Add-on must be taken at table before tournament starts. If we have a live game that goes all night, the tournament will be cancelled.
No phone-in allowed for morning.
Blind Structure: 25/50 for 30 min. round of Limit and 100/100 for 30 min round of No Limit Distribution of Prize Pool varies by the number of players.
Payouts: 2-22 players 65/35%; 23-30 players 50/30/20% 
I will be flying out to Reno on Sunday morning (August 22), and flying back home on Wednesday evening (August 25). While out there, I will be checking out apartments, and I'll be visiting my new Post Office to meet my new bosses. If there is any time left in the day, I may be able to get in a few hands of Poker.

With this little life change, this blog will undergo a few changes as well. I'm not exactly sure what changes will happen, but it will still be a Poker Blog primarily. I do know that there will be a name change for the blog. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. Right now, the only two candidates are "The Biggest Little Poker Blog In The World" and "Her Name Is Reno".

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Double Trouble

I was up in Detroit this weekend, and I ended up playing two tournaments at Greektown ($100 on Sunday night, and $75 on Monday morning). Here are the Running Logs from both of them.

"Shuffle Up & Deal" 6000 - The 7pm $100 Sunday night tournament sold out at 50 players. But in Typical Greektown fashion, they start the tournament at 7:25 for no particular reason. I'm at Table 1.

End of Level 1 (25/50) 5025 - I splashed around, but didn't win a pot. The table is playing "Normal" for this stage of the tournament. We did have an AA vs KK hand (no bad beat, sorry).

Level 2 (50/100) 4700 - I raised with AT, and won the Blinds. I also stabbed at a pot on the Flop, but lost. The AA (vs KK) guy is either very aggressive, or he's a Card Rack tonight.

Level 3 (100/200) 3900 - I called a raise with AQ in the SB, but I airballed the Flop. My cards really suck right now.

Level 4 (150/300/25) 6475 - I won my first real pot with J4h in the BB. I turned Trip J, but the other player folded on the River. I also won the Blinds & Antes a few times.

Level 5 (200/400/50) 3450 - I tried to steal from the Hyjack with J3o, but the BB went All-In. I slowed down after that, but the Blinds/Antes are starting to eat my stack. Towards the end of the level, the Shortstacks started to push All-In before the first Break, so I never had a chance to get push All-In first.

Break: There are 28 players left on three tables. Push-N-Pray is about to begin. As I come back to my table, I see that I've won the Chip Race-Off. It's good to know that I won some race tonight. Now I just need to win my first pot.

Level 6 (300/600/100) 11100 - Very first hand after Break, one player limps in. I'm the Hyjack, and go All-In with A9s. It folds around to the limper, and reluctantly calls with QJo. A-high held up, despite him flopping a Gutshot.

I won a Blind vs Blind hand by checking it down. Next hand, there were a few limpers. I went All-In for 8000-ish on the Button with 55. All folded.

Level 7 (400/800/100) 10400 - We are down to two tables. One player limped. There was a raise to 2500, and one caller. I'm the Button, look down at JJ, and ship it All-In. All folded. Next hand, I win the Blinds with AQ. Later, a Shortstack goes All-In for 3700. I call with 99, but he's got AA. I miss.

Level 8 (600/1200/200) 16000 - I started raising more, and I won most of them without even seeing a Flop, which is great for Push-N-Pray poker. Nobody is really trying to do any stealing, so I'm trying to pick more spots without getting the other players suspicious (or running into AA).

Level 9 (1k/2k/200) 0 - UTG went All-In for 5600. I re-shipped All-In with JJ. Everyone else folded. UTG had KQ, and the Door Card was a K. After that, I blinded down for a while, which was a serious blow to my stack with these Blinds and Antes. Finally, I was down to 5900, and went All-In without looking on the Button. The SB went All-In with AK. I look down at 88 (Sweet!). But the Door Card was an A, and I was eliminated in 17th place.

"Shuffle Up & Deal" 4000 - Only 24 players for the Monday morning tournament, which is just about where it normally is. This time we only started 15 minutes late. I guess some of the Bosses were around. I'm at Table 2.

End of Level 1 (25/50) 3700 - I have a different strategy for this tournament then I did last night. Because of the small field, we are going to get to the Final Table much faster (usually at or before Break). Because of this, the structure doesn't get "stupid" until much later, or not at all. I have found that "Folding To The Final Table" is a good strategy, and all I have to do is maintain my stack in the 10-20 BB range until the Final Table. Once I get there, I have a distinct advantage over most of the Daily Casino Tournament players who only know how to "Fold To The Money" and Chop.

With that strategy in mind, I played very few pots. I defended my Blinds against a couple of small raises, but I airballed both times.

Level 2 (50/100) 2825 - The only hand that I played was limping on the Button with AQ. I got burned by the SB with J6 on a 766 Q A board. I didn't lose a lot, but it was stupid of me to just limp. It was real obvious that he had it when he checked the Flop, and bet the Turn & River. I even said it outloud before paying off his 375 bet on the River.

Level 3 (100/200) 4450 - UTG raised to 500. It folded to me on the Button, and I 3-Bet All In with KJ, and took down the pot. The next hand, there were a few limpers. The Hyjack went All-In for 625. I was the Cutoff, and looked down at KK. I shipped it All-In to isolate. The Hyjack had 22, and missed.

Level 4 (150/300/25) 0 - It folds to the Hyjack who raises to 600. She's a 50's lady who plays like a 20's kid. She's been rather active and aggressive, and always raised in late position when it folds to her. I could tell from her Table Talk that she's played a lot of poker, and has the attitude of Annie Duke. I'm on the Button, look down at 44, and shove All-In for 3825. The SB also goes All-In for 1125. The BB folds, and the Hyjack calls with QQ. The SB has Ax, and hits an A for the small Main Pot. However, I miss my 2-outer for the larger Side Pot, and I'm out in 14th place.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hand Of The Day #50

$2/$5 NLHE - Motor City Casino - 08.15.10

I limp in Mid with Qh Td. The Hyjack (30's guy) raises to $20. Five players see a Flop of Jc 9c 2s. It checks around to the Hyjack, who bets $60. The Button (a 50's guy) calls. It folds around to me. I'm not a big fan of chasing Straight draws on a Flush draw board, because it seems that my Straight card usually also makes the Flush. But I am getting decent odds ($60 to win $220). And with two other players in the pot, there's a better chance that one of them will pay me off if I do hit. So I call.

Turn [Jc 9c 2s] 8s. Yahtzee! I check. Hyjack bets $125, which is about half his stack. Button hesitates for a moment, and calls the $125 which is more than half his stack. With both of them seemingly pot-committed, I check-raise them All-In, and they both call. The Button has $205 total for the Main pot. Hyjack has $50 left for the Side pot. I show my Nut Straight. Button shows his KK in disgust. Hyjack just says, "I've got outs."

River [Jc 9c 2s 8s] 2d. Yuck, that could be one of his outs. But it wasn't, as he just shakes his head and mucks. The Dealer ships me the $990 pot, and I tip him $5.

The Button was on Tilt for at least 30 minutes about how he screwed up KK on the Button, and let QT offsuit win the pot. He was correct, but I didn't tell him that.

Friday, August 13, 2010

$4/$8 At The Rivers

11:20 $200 - I'm opening the first table of the day (Sat 8/7).  We had to wait for at least 10 minutes for various players to walk over from their $1/$3 tables. We finally start with eight players. At 40 yrs old, I am the youngest player at the table by 10 years.

12:00 $192 - Table is filled up now, which includes a 20's guy on my direct Left. Action is kinda calm, with no 7-Card Bingo players yet. There has actually been some preflop raises, but there are a couple of Super Nits who don't ever raise with Overpairs. I've only won one pot so far. I had KQh in the BB. I flopped the Nut Flush draw, and hit it on the River.

12:30 $225 - I raise ($8) with AQ in the Hyjack. The Cutoff (20's guy) 3-Bets ($12). Two players call, and so do I. Flop was low cards with two Hearts. The Cutoff bets ($4). An Old Guy and myself call. The Turn brought the Ah. We ended up checking it down. The Old Guy and myself chop the Pot with AQ. The Cutoff had JJ.

Two hands later, I raised preflop with JJ. Four players saw the Flop of J 6 6. You can figure out the rest.

1:00 $276 - UTG raised ($8). I 3-Bet ($12) in Mid position with JJ, and only UTG called. Flop Kd 7c 3d. He checks. I bet ($4). He called. Turn [Kd 7c 3d] Jh. He checked. I bet ($8). He called. River [Kd 7c 3d Jh] Ac. He checked. I bet ($8). He folded.

I'm the SB, and limp with KJc. Six players saw a Flop of Qc 9s 8d. The BB bet. He's a 20's guy who's a good player, but having a bad session. It folded around to the Button, who called. BB comments that he's earned some respect at the table. I also call with a Gutshot and Overcard, I said that I have no respect for him (in jest, of course), plus I've got outs. Turn [Qc 9s 8d] 8c. I pick up a Flush draw, so I bet. Both players fold, and I showed my bluff.

I raise in Mid with AKh. Only the BB called. I hit the K on the Flop. He hit Middle pair, but rivered a 4-Card Straight. I did manage to save a Bet by checking the River.

1:30 $320 - Bunch of limpers. I'm the Button with Th Td. I don't raise, because everyone will call. Seven players see a Flop of Tc 5s 5h. I guess I should have raised. UTG bet. Mid called. I slowplay, and just call. Turn [Tc 5c 5h] Kc. UTG checked. Mid bet. I call. UTG called. River [Tc 5c 5h Kc] 8s. UTG checked. Mid bet ($8). It's time for me to raise ($16). UTG folded. Mid 3-Bets ($24). I cap the betting ($32). Mid called with 53d.

I limp UTG+2 with ATh. The Button (older tight player) raised. Four players see a Flop of Tc 2c 2h. It checks to me, and I decided to bet. I want to see if the Button will raise with an Overpair, and he did. The BB cold called the raise, and so did I. Turn [Tc 2c 2h] 6s. It checked around to the Button, who bet. The BB called again. I think the Button has an Overpair. With the pot size, I'm getting some odds to hit my 5-outer. But the BB is who I'm concerned about. If he's got a 2, then I'm screwed. I reluctantly decided to fold. River [Tc 2c 2h 6s] Ah. BB checked. Button checked his KK. BB showed A6c for Two Pair, and a missed Flush draw. I think my fold might have been a mistake. It was one of those marginal Limit spots that shows my lack of Limit experience.

2:00 $339 - I limp on the Button with JTs. Six players see a Flop of Jc 9c 8d. The SB bets. BB and UTG calls. I raise. SB calls. BB and UTG fold. Turn [Jc 9c 8d] 7c. SB checks. I hit my Straight, but the Flush got there. At a $1/$2 table, I would probably just check here. But this is Limit, so I bet. If he raises, then I'll probably fold. But the SB just calls. River [Jc 9c 8d 7c] 5c. SB checks. I have to check now due to the 4th Club. SB shows 98 (no Clubs) for Two Pair.

2:30 $369 - I raised with AQs in Mid position. Three players see a Flop of Qd 9d 5s. I bet. It folds around to the BB, who check-raises. I just call. Turn [Qd 9d 5s] 3s. BB bets. I decide to raise, now that I've picked up a Flush Draw. BB calls. River [Qd 9d 5s 3s] 6h. BB checks, and so do I. BB says that he's got a Q. I show my Top Top, and scoop the pot.

3:00 $390 - I raise with KK in the Cutoff. Four players see an A-high Flop. It checks around. I call a Turn bet, and the River got checked around. My KK was good.

I limp with KJ in Mid position, and the Hyjack raised. Five players see a K-high Flop with a Diamond draw. I decided to bet out, and surprisingly only the Hyjack called. I also bet the Turn, but he folded.

3:30 $422 - I raised with AK, and got called by AQ. The Flop was QTx. I checked and called his bet on the Flop and Turn. I hit my Broadway draw on the River, and check-raised him.

4:00 $407 - I limp ($4) on the Button with 8c 6s. The BB raises ($8). Seven players see a Flop of 9s 8s 6d. BB bet ($4). Mid1 calls. Mid2 raises ($8). Two more players call. I decide to 3-Bet ($12) because there are just too many players in this pot, and that is an ugly board for Bottom Two Pair. Only Mid1 and Mid2 call. Turn [9s 8s 6d] Td. Mid1 and Mid2 check. I don't like that card, so I also check. River [9s 8s 6d Td] 4d. Mid1 bet ($8). Mid2 calls, and so do I. Mid1 has 98 for Two Pair, but Mid2 wins the pot was 88 for a Set. Nasty cooler for me to be in 3rd place, but fortunately this was a Limit hand.

4:30 $450 - I raise with ATd. Five players see a Flop of Ac Kc 6d. I bet, and the Hyjack raised. He's a 60's gentleman who recently sat down. I'm the only caller, but I assume that I'm behind. Turn [Ac Kc 6d] 3h. I check. He bets. I call. River [Ac Kc 6d 3h] 8d.  I check. He bets. I call. He says, "J-high", and shows JTc for the missed Royal Flush draw.

Shortly after that hand, I cashed out and went to dinner at the Buffet.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hand Of The Day #49

$1/$3 NLHE - Rivers Casino - 08.07.10

An attractive 40's Lady sits next to me on my Left, and buys-in to the game with 100 White chips. I assume that she's waiting for the $4/$8 game to open, because I'm also on that List. She tells the Dealer that she'll wait for the Big Blind to come around so she doesn't have to Post the $3. She ends up sitting there for about six hands, and even gets a Player's Card made by the Desk while waiting.

Finally, she gets to play her Big Blind. I'm the SB, and I limp with Jc 9s. Six players see a Flop of Kc Qc Ts. I check my Straight, hoping someone will bet. The Lady bets 5 White chips, and two players call. I check-raise to $20. The Lady calls the extra 15 White chips, and UTG+2 calls.

Turn [Kc Qc Ts] 6d. Good, a Brick. I bet $50 hoping to end this hand. The Lady goes All-In for her last 77 White chips. UTG+2 folds, and I call the extra $22. She proudly shows her Ah Ad. I show my Straight, and win the Pot.

She says, "I guess this isn't my game," and leaves after one hand. The rest of the Guys at the table were not happy with me for chasing her away. But the $4/$8 game opened about 10 minutes later, and I bought into that game with my profit.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reports Of Their Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

On the final day of my Pittsburgh Road Trip, I decided to swing by Mountaineer on the way home to see if the place is still standing. Since they got half or more of their players from the Western Pennsylvania area, most people expect that Mountaineer is in big trouble now that Pittsburgh has casinos.

But it was still open for business. In fact, on Sunday they had Chicago in for a concert in their little arena at 4pm. The Poker Room was definitely slower than it used to be on a Sunday afternoon. When I headed home at 6pm, they had five tables of 1/2, one table of 2/4, and an interest list for 2/5. They probably got a few more tables after the concert ended. They also had a tournament at 2pm that had 63 runners.

One good side effect from all of this Doom & Gloom is that they will be moving the Poker Room to the Main Building before Labor Day. The Dealer said it will have 20-25 tables, instead of the 40 tables now. This is actually a good thing because there might be more casual players wandering by, and wanting to try that "All-In Game" they saw on TV.

As for my $1/$2 session, it was utter frustration. The table was rather soft, with no real "Players" or Action Guys. But I would build my stack, and lose some in annoying spots. I would then start to rebuild, and then lose some more in another ridiculous spot.

I don't Tilt from one bad hand. I've been playing for a few years now, and I'm used to the Beats. What I do Tilt from is a series of bad hands. Twice today, I had to get up from the table, and walk around to cool off. For those who don't regularly play with me, this is not something that I do often.

Another factor was that I had "Hit the Wall", and got rather tired. I hadn't slept well the last two nights, and I had just had lunch in the below-average Mountaineer Buffet.

During my second break from the table, I had considered just cashing out, and heading home. But I was only down about $120 at this point, and I should be able win it back from this soft table. So I headed back to my table to start grinding back into profit.

And I was able to do so, mostly thanks to an older gentleman who had busted out of the tournament, and bought into the table for $100. He had played a lot of pots early on, and built up a nice stack. But it didn't take me to long to realize that he was full of shit. He kept overbetting on the Flop, and would not shut up during a hand, even in the multi-player hands. The dealer even told him not to comment during the hand, but the Geezer just ignored him.

It didn't take long for him to blow through his chip stack, and a few more $100 buy-ins. I managed to get a few chunks of his chips before he gave up and left about 90 minutes after he sat down. I left shortly after he did with profit of $163.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Rivers

I spent all day on Saturday at The Rivers Casino in downtown Pittsburgh. Their Poker Room is similar to The Meadows, as in it's new, pretty, roomy, and has 24 tables. The biggest difference of the two rooms is the number of games that they spread. Here is the list of games The Rivers had on Saturday night at 10pm:

2 - 4/8 Limit
1 - 4/8 Limit Omaha-8

1 - 1/3 PLO

14 - 1/3 NLHE
4 - 2/5 NLHE
1 - 5/10 NLHE
1- 10/20 NLHE

0 - Empty Tables

Not only was every table full, there were long lists for 1/2 and 2/5. The whole casino was packed. There were no empty seats for the tables in the Pit. The baseball game right down the street was still in extra innings when I left. I can imagine how many more people will be in the casino after the game is over.

As for my day, I ended up playing five different games for a few hours each - 1/3 NL, 4/8 Limit, 4/8 Omaha-8, 2/5 NL, and Blackjack. Some were winners, and some were losers. By the time I walked back to my car, I was down $22.

I did a Running Log for my 4/8 Limit session that I will publish later.

Many of the Home game players have been down to check out The Rivers. Yesterday, DougPoker and Special K showed up shortly after I got there, and spent the day. I ended up having dinner at the Buffet with Special K, and playing some Omaha-8 with DougPoker. We even got into a big pot against each other, along with some of the "9-Card Bingo" players tagging along. I ended up winning the Hi with the Nut Flush, while his Low Draw got counterfeited with a 2 on the River.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Meadows

I arrived at The Meadows early afternoon on Friday. It's a Racetrack/Casino about 30 minutes south of Downtown Pittsburgh. They've been open for a few years, but they just got Table Games and Poker in early July.

The Meadows is a two floor Casino. The Casino and restaurants are on the Main Floor. The Lower Floor has the Poker Room, the Racebook, and a 24 lane bowling alley.

The Poker Room has 26 tables. The room is rather large, and they could squeeze a few more tables in there if they choose. The selection of games is what you would expect. When I left at 10pm, they had three tables of 2/4 Limit, one table of 3/6 Limit, ten tables of 1/2 NL, one table of 2/5 NL, and one table of 5/10 NL.

Since the Poker Room is new, so are the some of the dealers. Only one dealer that I encountered needs more training.

There are two unusual House Rules. The first is a Traveling Button, which I've seen before. It makes sure that nobody has the Button for two consecutive hands because the UTG has to post an extra blind. I understand the idea behind it, but it just causes more confusion then it's worth.

The other House Rule is something that I've never seen before. If there is a flipped card during the Deal, it is considered a Dead Card, and replaced by another card. However, it doesn't become the Burn card. They still Burn & Turn, which changes the order of the Deck. Everyone who doesn't know the rule asks the Dealer about it, and the Dealer says, "Yeah, that's the rule". And with the newer Dealers, flipped cards are more common.

As for my poker, I ended up playing two shorter sessions of $1/$2 with a dinner break between them. In the afternoon session, the table was what you would expect on a Friday afternoon. A lot of passive play. Some players were very tight, some were rather loose, but all were passive. I won various small pots, and lost some too. For most of the session, I was between +$50 and +$150. Towards the end, one of the loose players on my direct Left started catching cards, and I started missing everything. My stack slowly bled down to +$20 when I left for dinner.

In the evening session, the table was just as passive as the earlier, but much more tighter. The cards for me were a little better this time. The biggest difference was I didn't really lose a pot of any value. I just kept slowly building my stack. I did flop a Straight against what I assume was an Overpair. I flopped an Open Ended Straight Flush Draw against Top Pair. After a couple of raises, he folded on the Flop. I also made a Hero call with A-high against an "I Missed. Go Away" River bet (I love being called Unbluffable.) Overall, I ended up leaving the table up $264.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hand Of The Day #48

Here are two hands from Julie's tournament a couple of weeks ago.

Level 2 (50/100) - UTG (Julie) raises to 400. I'm the Hyjack, and call with A2c. Four players see the Flop of 7c 6h 2d. UTG bets 1200. She's probably got an Overpair, but it could also be a hand like AK. I've only got Bottom Pair and a Backdoor Flush Draw. But that's a rather dry Flop for this situation. Since we started with 10k, and I've got around 8500 left, I make the call. All others fold.

Turn [7c 6h 2d] 8c. She pauses for a moment, and bets 2300. Time for me to go into deep thought. OK, now I know she's got an Overpair. I did pick up the Flush Draw, which she might not see coming. I'm assuming that I've got 14 outs (nine for Flush, two 2's, and three A's), which means I'm around 30% to win, or 2.5/1 odds. The pot size is around 6500, so with the 2300 call, I'm getting 35% pot odds + whatever I can win get on the River. Even though this would only leave me with just 4950 if I miss, I make the call. Besides, if this go badly, I can always head over to Nautica to play some $1/$2.

River [7c 6h 2d 8c] Kc - Yahtzee! She pauses for a moment, and checks. I instantly go All-In for my remaining 4950, hoping it looks a little bluffy. She thinks for a moment, and says, "I don't believe you." She calls, and shows 9 9, I show my Nut Flush, and she is left with under 1000 chips.

To be fair, Julie was dealing with some "Real Life" Tilt that day which certainly affected this hand.

Level 13 (700/1500) - We are at the Final Table with around seven players left. UTG+1 (Brad, who is the healthy Chip Leader) limps, which was very unusual for this stage of the tournament. I'm the Cutoff with 8 8, and raise it up to 3500. Only UTG+1 calls.

Flop 7s 6h 3d. He checks. I make a standard bet of 6500. He thinks for a bit, and check-raises to 14k. OK, I didn't see that coming. I count down my stack, and I have 20k-ish right now. So if I just call the 7500 raise, it would leave me with just under 13k, which means that I can't call this raise. It's a "Pump It or Dump It" situation.

So what kind of hand does he have in this spot? Brad is a loose Cash game player who rarely plays tournament. And so far, he's been playing like a loose Cash game player who rarely plays tournament. Limping UTG+1 is a good example of this.

Did he limp with a Big Pair, trying to trap? Doubtful, because this is such a bizarre way to play it.

Did he limp with a smaller Pair, and hit a Set. It's possible.

Did he limp with 54s, and flop the Straight? Maybe, but why not just call, and raise on the Turn.

Did he limp with a Cash game hand like 75 or 64, and flop a Pair with Straight Draw? It's possible.

Did he limp with JTs, and just decided to make a move instead of folding? Maybe, who knows.

After thinking about it for a minute, I finally asked myself the only question that really matters ... Do I want to broke with 8 8 in this spot? The answer is No. With 20k, I've still got around 13BB, which is still a decent stack at this Final Table. I fold face up, hoping that he will show his hand. He just flashes 5s.

After we finished the Heads-Up part of the tournament, I find out what he had. As it turns out, he limped UTG+1 with 52s, and check-raised with just a naked Gutshot.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Riding The $2/$5 Rollercoaster

12:50 $500 - I walked into the Motor City Poker Room as they were opening up the first $2/$5 table of Sunday afternoon. I marked my chair (Seat 3), and headed over to the Cage. I bought $800 in chips, and put $300 in my pocket.

It took some time for everyone to leave their $1/$2 tables. Only one player bought in for the max of $500. Most others sat down with $200-$300. I'm not sure if that's normal, or just because they were playing $1/$2.

1:30 $318 - This table has been playing rather calm, which is what I expected on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of limping, but not much raising. I really only played one hand. I called a $20 raise with Td Ts in the Cutoff. Six players saw the Flop of 8h 7d 6d. The initial raiser (Hyjack) bet $100, and I was the only caller. Turn [8h 7d 6d] 3h. He went All-In for $235. I decided that this wasn't a battle worth fighting, and folded.

2:00 $497 - I pulled $200 in chips out of my pocket, and added them to my stack. Pot sizes have increased at this table. Players are really overvaluing Top Pair, and I'm not impressed by anyone at this table. A Lady wins an $800 pot with AQ on an A-high Flop against two players with lower kickers. The lower kickers were shortstacked, and got their stacks in the middle.

My cards suck so far. I did win my first pot of the session. There was one limper, and I was the BB with 72o. It got checked down, and I won the pot with a 4-Card Flush.

2:30 $580 - I limped on the Button with 87s. Six players saw the Flop of 9h 6s 2s. UTG (60's Lady) bet $35. It folds to me, and I decided to raise to $100 with my monster Combo Draw. After the Blinds fold, UTG goes All-In for $150 with A9o. The Turn was a Brick, but the River gives me the Straight.

Very next hand, there are a few limpers. I'm the Cutoff, and raise to $15 with AKh. Five players see the Flop of J T 3. It checks to me, and I bet $40. Only the Hyjack called. Turn [J T 3] 2. He goes All-In for over $200. I fold.

3:00 $466 - I lost chips in various small pots, $15 here and $25 there. Cards haven't been good so far. It's really frustrating to sit here while there are two Action Guys at the table, and one of them is on my direct Right. But I know that if I'm patient, then it should pay off.

3:30 $487 - I raised $15 in Mid with J9c. Four players saw the Flop of Qc 9d 8c. Action Guy on my Right leads out for $40. I decide to raise to $125 to isolate, but he folded.

I limped UTG+1 with KJd. Six players saw the Flop of Kh Qh Jc. I lead out for $20 with Top Two Pair, and get three callers. Turn was [Kh Qh Jc] 2d. It checked to me, and I bet $50. A Mid player called. The SB (50's guy) check-raised to $100. I knew this meant that he flopped the Straight. I called the extra $50, since he's giving me odds to hit my 4-outer. The Mid player also called. River [Kh Qh Jc 2d] 9c. All players checked, and SB wins the pot with T9d.

A few players limped. Mid player raised to $20, and Action Guy called. I'm the Cutoff. I look down at AKh, and 3-bet to $75. Only Action Guy "gives me some action". Flop was 7 2 2. He checked. I bet $125, and he folded quickly.

4:00 $356 - I raised in Mid position, but airballed the Flop. Next hand, I raise with Ad Ah. Only the Action Guy called. Flop was Tc Td 3d. He checked, I bet $25, and he called. Turn [Tc Td 3d] 5h. We both checked. River [Tc Td 3d 5h] 3c. He bets $50, and I call. He shows T8h, and scoops the pot.

A few limpers. I've got KK in the Cutoff, and raise to $15. Five players see the Flop of 6h 5d 2c. It checks to me, and I bet $50. Only one player called. Turn [6h 5d 2c] Th. He checked. I bet $80, and he folded.

I limp in Mid with 98o. As it turns out, it's a Straddle pot by a very tight player who's on Super Tilt, so I call the extra $5. Naturally, he goes All-In for $65. I call the extra $55 hoping that other will do so, but nobody does. He went All-In with Q6o, and hit his 6.

I limp in Mid with TT. The SB (50's Guy same one who flopped the Straight against my Two Pair) raised to $20. Four players see the Flop of Q Q 5. It checked to me, and I bet $50. Only the SB called. Turn [Q Q 5] Q. SB bets $75. I think about it for a bit, and reluctantly call. River [Q Q 5 Q] 7. He checked, and so did I. He shows AA, and I'm mad at myself for calling the $75.

I pull the last $100 out of my pocket, and add it to my stack.

4:30 $334 - There has been a lot of turnover at this table. Both of the Action Guys are gone. One left with $1200+, and the other went busto. Only two others of the original players are still here. I really didn't play any pots. I'm just sitting back trying to be patient, and watching the new players.

5:00 $809 - I win a sweet pot with AK that will be a future Hand Of The Day. A few hands later, I limp in Mid with J9s. Five players see the Flop of 9c 9d 2d. I'm not sure why, but I checked, and so did everyone else. Turn [9c 9d 2d] 6d. I happily check again. The Hyjack bet $15, and I'm the only caller. River [9c 9d 2d 6d] Jc. I lead out for $25 with my Full House. Hyjack raised to $65. Since I have the 2nd Nuts, I 3-Bet to $175. He thinks for a moment, and calls in disgust. I show my Boat, and he shows 2 2 for a smaller Boat. Nasty.

I raised in the Cutoff with AK. I airballed the Flop, but I called a bet from the Button. I hit my A on the Turn, but the Button flopped Top Set (TT). I lost $100 on the River.

5:40 $980 - I raised with KK, and got five callers. The Flop was 7 7 7, and I won a decent pot against 55.

I was planning on leave around 6pm, so I cashed out with some profit, and headed home. $180 isn't what I was hoping for by playing $2/$5. But considering the hole I dug for myself, and my pathetic history at $2/$5, I'm happy to take any profit.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hand Of The Day #48

$1/$1 NLHE - Dave's Poker Pit - 07.28.10

It limps to me on the Button, and I limp with 95h. The SB (Danny C) raises to $7. BB (Chan) folds. I call only because I'm on the Button. As I grab the card to start dealing the Flop, he checks in the dark. I don't understand why players raise preflop, and then check in the dark. It just seems like they were trying to make a move. So I set the deck down, and bet $15 in the dark. He waits for me to deal the Flop of Ad Td Ts, and calls.

Turn [Ad Td Ts] 3h. He checks. Since he gave me control of this hand, I might as well use it. I bet $25, and he calls.

River [Ad Td Ts 3h] 7s. He checks again. Well, I've come this far, so I might as well "Empty the Clip" since I doubt 9-high will take down this pot. So how much do I bet? He's a loose player, and not a big fan of folding. I decide to make the same $25 bet. It will look like a Value Bet. Plus, I will only lose another $25 rather than $40 or $50 when he calls.

But he doesn't call. He thinks about it for a moment, looks back at his hand, and folds Jc Js face up. Naturally, I show my 9-high.

He didn't say a word.