Wednesday, January 1, 2014

$8/$16 Omaha-8 At Atlantis

$8/$16 Omaha-8 at Atlantis is a 4/8 chip structure with the yellow $2 chips they normally use for the rake. There is a half kill to $12/$24 (6/12) when someone scoops a $100 pot, which is on the small side. The Kill acts like a sleeper straddle, as it acts last preflop unless there is a raise in front of it. 

This is the 3rd week this game has run at Atlantis on Saturday afternoon. I played both times after work, and I'm up almost $300 so far. I had last weekend off, so I'm able to play from the start of the game. I thought I would try a Running Log for the session, as I haven't done a Running Log for a cash game in loooong time.

2:00 $200 - Full 10-handed table. I recognize most of the players, and it's a good mix of tight & loose. 

Other games in the room today include (2) $1/$2 NL, $3/$6 L, $10/$25 NL, and $100/$100 NL. No clue why they have the big NL games today, as it's normally hard to get a $3/$5 game going here. I recognize only one players at the $100/$100, but most of the $10/$25 are locals. I guess there are a couple of special guests in town this weekend. 

2:30 $230 - Normal action so far, as nobody's stuck yet. It was pretty quiet for me. The only significant pot was me limping the Button with Ts 9s 8d 7c. Flop was Jc 8h 7s. Checked to me, and I bet ($8). Three callers, and Turn [Jc 8h 7s] 7d. I bet ($16), and they all folded. 

3:00 $146 - Played a decent amount of hands, but airballed most of them. The closest was calling a Kill in the BB with 9c 8h 5s 3d. Flop was Qd 6h 4h, giving me the Low Open-Ender. I bet ($12), and a Kid I haven't seen before raised ($24). One of the Calling Stations and myself called. Turn & River were [Qd 6h 4h] Ks Js, and his Set of Q held up for the Kid. He ended up winning 3 Kills in a row. Must be nice. 

3:30 $373 - Limped the Button with Qh 9c 5s 4h. Yes, it's not a good hand, but I'll limp most hands on the Button with so many players seeing the Flop. This time it was seven, and the Flop was Ah 9h 4d. Mid bet ($8). She's a 60's Lady who plays loose, but straight forward. I raised ($16) to isolate with Bottom Two and 2nd Nut Flush Draw. One player called, but Mid 3-bet ($24). She probably has AA, so my Bottom Two was no good. We both called, and Turn [Ah 9h 4d] 4c. Mid bet ($16), and we both fold. She showed AA as she scooped the pot. At least the 3-bet saved me some chips. 

An orbit later, I added $200 when I got the Button. That very hand I limped with Js Tc 5h 3d. Flop was Ad 2h 4c. Checked to me, I bet, and four called. Turn [Ad 2h 4c] Jc. Checked to me, I bet, and only one called. River [Ad 2h 4c Jc] 8d. Check, Bet, Fold. I win my 1st Kill pot of the day. 

4:00 $429 - Picked off a bluff by the only person at the table who would try to steal a pot (besides me, of course). Flop was checked around. Turn was checked to him in Cutoff, and he fired. I was only caller. I check/called his River bet, and he said "Good call". I showed my naked QQ to scoop the pot. 

Later, I had Kc 7d 3s 2c in BB. Flop 522. I bet, and got three callers. Turn [5s 2s 2h] Th. I bet again, and same three called, although one had less than the full bet. River [5s 2s 2h Th] Ac. I decided to check, as I only have Trips with crappy 73 Low. The others checked, and I scooped the small side pot. The All-In lady had a 64 Low to hang around. 

I played a few smaller pots, but lost most of them. Worst was raising preflop with As Ts 6c 2c. Flop was Kc Ks Qs. I ended up heads-up with an Old Guy who had KQ, but I missed my Royal Draw. 

4:30 $560 - On the Button, I raised with Ah 9h 9s 2d. Five saw the Flop Ac 9d 3c. The same Mid Lady from before bet. I raised with Mid Set. Kid in BB, a Calling Station, and Mid called. Turn [Ac 9d 3c] Th. Checked to me, I bet, and all called. River [Ac 9d 3c Th] Ks. Once again, checked to me, I bet, and two of the three called. My Set of 9s held up for a sweet Kill pot. That made up for some of the annoying hands earlier today. 

Next Button, I raised again with Ac Kc 5c 2s. Only four players saw the Flop of Ad Qs 3s. They checked, I bet my Pair & Wheel Draw, and they all called. Turn [Ad Qs 3s] 2h. They checked, and so did I. River [Ad Qs 3s 2h] 9d. Everyone checked. My Two Pair was good for the High, but 87s won the Emergency Low. He then showed the other 77 in his hand, and I said "Really?" He limped & called the raise with 8777. That's what makes this a good game. 

4:30 $512 - Relatively quiet time for me, as I only saw a few Flops and missed them all. The Host for this game, April, offered us free food from the $5 Poker Menu. I got the chicken tenders, and ate them during this time. The portion was on the small side, but I can't complain about the price. 

Both of the big NL games are going strong. They seem to be full, and I've noticed very little turnover. 

5:00 $464 - I limped Ah 6c 3s 2h from UTG. I can't remember all the action or the Board, but I ended up with Two Pair (A3), and 62 Low that I thought was good. I bet the River, and got called by the SB. He doesn't like his hand, a worse Two Pair, but shows all his cards. Someone noticed that he had the Wheel, and scooped the pot. It's surprising that he did this, as he's a very experienced player. But it does happen to all of us from time to time in this game.

5:30 $490 - I raised from Cutoff with Ah 7h 3s 2c. Only BB and a limper called. Flop Jh Jc 7d. They checked, I bet, and just BB called. He's a Dealer here, and one of the better players at the table. Turn [Jh Jc 7d] 5h. Check, Bet, Call. River [Jh Jc 7d 5h] Kd. He checked. I said, "You're gonna call me," and checked behind. He shook his head, and said "You got an Ace?" I showed my A7 for Two Pair, and he mucked. WTF?

6:00 $414 - A whole lot of nothing this time. Saw a few Flops and Turns, but missed everything. 

This game has slowed down. Half of the original line-up has already gone home, and only two new players have joined us. I doubt this game will make it to 8pm. 

6:30 $352 - I raised from UTG with Ad Td 2h 4s. Flop Qs Ts Tc. Good Flop, as it's hard to put me on a Ten. I bet and three players called. Turn [Qs Ts Tc] Ah. I bet again, but everyone folded, including the guy next to me with KK. Crap! Only in Omaha can I get pissed about hitting a Full House. 

I limped UTG Ad Kd 7c 5c. Kid raised from Mid. Few callers. Flop 8h 7d 5h. I lead out with my Bottom Two Pair, as I don't want a free card to come out. Kid and BB called. Turn [8h 7d 5h] Td. BB and I checked. Kid bet, and we called. River [8h 7d 5h Td] 5d. BB checked, I bet my Full House, Kid raised, and we both called. Kid had AT52 for Nut Low and larger Full House. Ouch!

Limp in SB with Ad 4h 7d 8s. BB raised, and everyone called. Flop Jd 6d 6c. All checked. Turn [Jd 6d 6c] Jh. All check, except the Button. I'm the only caller. It's hard to have a Full House here, so my Flush Draw should be good. Plus, I could bluff the River if a total brick hits. River [Jd 6d 6c Jh] Qd. No need to bluff, as I bet. He raised his last chips for the full raise. There is no way he would raise here without a Boat. I show my Flush, and mucked. He shows AQJ2 for the Full House. Boy, things have fallen apart quickly. 

The $10/$25 NL has broken. It started around 10:30am, so eight hours is about right for a game with mostly locals. The $100/$100 NL seems to still be going strong, with only one or two open seats. 

7:00 $388 - Game is dying, as we went to four players for a while. Won a couple of small pots, including a scoop with a Low Straight in a Blind vs Blind hand. 

One of the $10/$25 players sat down at our little game. Someone asked how he did. He shook his head, and mumbled something about $6200. 

7:30 $532 - Still five players. Big $$ player raised from Button. I was SB with Ad 9d Tc 2c. I considered a 3-bet, but decided to call out of position. Flop Jd 5s 3h.  I checked, Kid checked, Mr Big bet, and we both called. Turn [Jd 5s 3h] 4d. Dead sexy card, as I hit the Wheel and picked up Nut Flush Draw. I checked. Kid bet. Mr Big thought and called. I check-raised, and both called. River [Jd 5s 3h 4d] 7d. I bet. Kid called, and Mr Big folded. I showed Nut/Nut. Kid shows 76, and storms away from the table. 

We play four handed for a bit before more players trickle in. We hover around seven players for a while. I won a few other pots. Biggest was with KJT8. Flop was Td 8c 6d for Top Two. Turn was Q, giving me the Open-Ender. River was Ten for the Boat. I fired the whole way, and had a few callers on the Flop and Turn. 

8:00 $492 - No monster pots that I can remember this time. Since the game has more cards than Hold'em, it's harder to remember all the action. Also, thing have started to blur together after six hours, so it's time to go. A new player arrived at the table right before I left, so it still had five players.

Overall, a pretty decent session. $92 profit is nothing spectacular, but it's not bad considering the hole I got into early in the session. I think I played well, and the cards ran about even. I had some hands of "How could I have missed everything?", as well as some hands of "How did that hold up?"

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