Friday, May 17, 2013

Hand Of The Day #101

$1/$2 NLHE ~ Eldorado ~ 04.11.13

Full table on a Thursday evening. The play has been mostly limpy with the occasional preflop raise to $8 or $10. I'm UTG+1, and look down at A8d. I bought in for $100, and I'm up to around $160. I've been trying to play position, so I should fold this. But I don't listen to myself, and limp in.

Nobody raised, and six players see a Flop of Qh Jd Td. Pretty sexy Flop for me, as I have an Omaha-esqe draw with the Nut Flush and Double Gutshot. I like to bet my big draws, so I bet $10. If the Turn hits my Flush, then I can check, and hope someone hit a smaller Flush. If I hit my Straight or miss everything, then I can keep betting.

Three players called, and the Turn is [Qh Jd Td] Kc. A beautiful card, as I now have the Nut Straight, and the Nut Flush Draw. I bet $20, and I really hope somebody raises. Fortunately, a 70's gentleman cooperates, and raises to $70. The other two players fold, and I quickly shove my last $130. He calls, and asks if I have an Ace.

I say, "I've got a freeroll, baby," as I show my cards.

The River was [Qh Jd Td Kc] 4s, and we chop the pot.


What was even worse was the Button, who's a 20's Lady who is a Dealer in this room.  She said she had something like K3d, which was the 2nd Nut Flush Draw and an Open-Ender. She would normally raise with this Flop, but just didn't this time. She plays fairly straight forward, but like an online player. I assume she would have raise to something like $40 or $50. I would have gone All-In against her, being a 73-27 favorite.

Again... Drat!

I posted this hand as a lesson for everyone. This is a rare situation, as I couldn't tell you the last time I ran into it. It's important to consider what to do if you find yourself in one of these situation.

If you're in the Old Guy's spot, you need to be careful with a 1-Card Broadway Straight when there's a Flush Draw out there. You're better off just calling, and not opening yourself to the All-In shove.  You can only get your money back if you call the $300+ All-In, or you can lose it all. While the Flush Draw only has a 20% chance of hitting, that's 1 out of 5 times you will lose all your chips.

If you're in my spot, you have to shove All-In, even if it's $1000 into a $200 pot. You have to apply as much fold equity as possible, as the worst that can happen is to win half the pot. If you can get the other player to fold, then you win his half of the pot. If he calls, and he probably will, then you will win his stack 20% of the time.


Patrick said...

Good analysis and good advice. Thanks!


diverjoules said...

This sort of scenario has luckily only happened one time to me. And I like you had the Straight with a flush draw (I cannot remember if it was the Nut Draw though). Anyway I lost to a boat on the river from A guy who called with two pair. GRRRRR..
See you soon Greg. We will all be in Vegas shortly.